• I’ve finally started the game  😄

    during the game, we found some confused points of gameplay.

    1. I did not understand why the AA gun is present in the battle board. as says the manual, AA can only shoot the planes with the single shoot but can not take part in combat land (in fact AA cannot be destroyed but only conquered). why is this on battle board card?

    2. an example mentioned on the manualon “transport movement” is not clear (page 28): it says that if a transporter begins its turn in a sea zone with enemy ships (one destroyer) can only move but do not load / unload .
      I do not understand how it is possible that enemy ships (not sub) begin the turn in the same sea zone.
      The rules are clear: a combat marine ends when the attackers withdrew, submarines submerge, one or Both players are destroyed.
      According to these rules, is not clear how an english trasporter and german destoryer start toghether the turn in the same sea zone…

    thank you very much to everyone for your answers 🙂

  • Official Q&A

    1)  The AA gun is pictured on the battle board simply as a reminder to roll for it before the battle starts.

    2)  The only way this can happen is if a power places new units in a hostile sea zone (see page 19 of the Rulebook).  In the given example, Germany would have to have placed a new destroyer in the sea zone next to Denmark (and Germany) on its previous turn.

  • Thanks a lot!
    Now it’s clear!  😄

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