Basic Rules

  • few questions. :roll: Thanks

    1. Can you capture a Naval Convoy and collect its IPC if you germany?
      I don’t think you can just checking though.

    2. Transports can only load twice and then unload on one space per turn right, they can’t be used as a bridge? ex: between the U.K. and France in non-combat movement.

    3. Is this the procese with IPC when Germans capture Middle East land?:
      Bank pays allies Middle East IPC on their turn-the allies pay germany IPC on germanys turn
      If so wants the piont why don’t the germanys just get the money?

    4. In attack or defence are the dice rolled for units in each section (4 or less, 3or less……)sepertly?

    Thank you for all your help! 😄 This saves me alot of time looking through the book and may help others.

  • sorry :lol: question two should say

    1:On allies turn the bank pays allies Middle East IPC (even IPC for german owned middle east land) 2: then on germanys turn the allies give the germans IPC for all german owned middle east land, not the bank.


  • Hello again I now only need 1 and 3 anwsered. thank you.

  • I am an idiot and hate double checking my work. I need 2 and 4 answered not 1 and 3.

  • uh, excuse me for I am slightly dense and easily confused, so I’ll answer all of your questions.

    1. Germany does not collect any income from captured convoy centres. Imagine trying to reclaim all that sunken cargo, completely unviable.
    2. All you really need to remember about transports is that once they unload their turn is over. This also applies to when a transport “moves” within one sea-zone; once it’s load of troops is landed the transport can’t turn around and pick up more.
    3. The allies don’t get paid if they control the Middle Eastern territories. They are merely there to serve as a penalty to the allies if Germany captures them.
    4. Yes, you must roll for each column seperately. Otherwise one could rack up an amazing number of hits by designating all of his ones as being infantry attacks, all of his twos and threes as being fighter and tank attacks, and so forth.

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