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  • Hello all!

    Would you be so kind to clarify the following rules question of Axis & Allies: Europe?

    Are the Allies allowed to place a unit bought from the special cash advance in a territory or sea zone of another member of the alliance?

    1. Place an USA tank in Belorussia.
    2. Place a Russian Submarine in Davis Strait.

    Best regards

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    The “cash advance” troops can only go where there are already troops of the country getting the units. No, US FTRs in Moscow.

  • @frimmel:

    The “cash advance” troops can only go where there are already troops of the country getting the units. No, US FTRs in Moscow.

    But the manual is not undoubtly explicit about it as it is written there “sides”, right?  😄

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    The rulebook does say sides. And there is nothing to this matter in the FAQ. I have always played it as US units only where there are already US units. Looks like you’ll need somebody else to chime in.  😐

  • I hope Larry himself will clarify it personally on his website!

    I think it is intended as you said but if not there might be some interesting ideas…. :evil:

    Thx for answering, frimmel!

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    yea and sorry if my answer in the other forum may be incorrect.

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    Please be sure to let us know here. If IL is stumped this must be one that doesn’t come up very often.

    It was always “why buy a US FTR” Russia will jsut take it. Might as well just give it to 'em to start. I think it was always not a question of could you but why would you?

  • A Russian sub in North Sea would prevent Germany from taking 4 IPCs of the Archangelsk convoy in R1! (And of course never again!)
    (If Germany has “bad” rolls in attacking North sea maybe even as compensation to save the UK Battleship on occasion!)
    Simoultaneaously it allows:
    1. Agressive Russian play in Scandinavian territories (1 Art from the cash advance placed as Art in Karelia; transport can load 2 Inf from Archangelsk in R1) - to take IPCs and annihilate the isolated German troops there as fast as possible - and be back in time to face the main German threat! (More money, more inf-build possible for defending Moscow!)
    2. Speed up UK retaking its convoy zones to allow for faster development.

    I am curious what Larry will say! 😉

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