A few questions:

  • im a bit new at AA and i have a couple of questions:

    1. Can ground units attack air units? (say a tank attacking a fighter or bomber)
      2)Submarines first strike,if they were attacking wouldnt they strike first anyway? And if it attacks a destroyer does the destroyer go first?

  • Ques 1. yes they can and i dont feel like typing so im not gonna answer the #2 Ques

  • To answer question number two for you, Sir lostsock.
    First strike for submarines is the term used when a submarine scores a hit on the opposing fleet. The opponent’s ship [of his or her choosing] is immediately sunk without the opportunity of firing back. In the case of the destroyer, it does not get to shoot first, but luckily, it is not affect by the enemy sub’s first strike attack. The destroyer will still be lost, but at least it gets to fire back. I hope my answer was not too confusing 🙂

  • I think I answered this for him already. :-?

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