• how many times have you won as the allies?
    its so friggin hard.
    i’ve won twice (im at the end of a game, it’ll end tonight so i’ll say if i won or not).

  • i lost that game (dammit) so close. one more turn and i wouldve had germany. just i had to invade or else i would’ve lost so i wouldve bought more artillery transports and bombers

  • Iv never won and never lost since I dont own the game

  • uhh ok

  • I’ve never played it, but from looking at the map it looks as though the allies are really doomed. Some more Soviet territories would balance the game more.

  • So strange?? I think it’s harder on the germans to win than the allies…

    There are people really divided, some say the germans always lose and some say the allies always lose??? Which one is it? I think the game is balanced, and good players can hold the germans at bay when playing soviets.

  • @Drumstix:

    uhh ok

    well im right

  • @GeZe:


    uhh ok

    well im right

    Well, then we’ll have to get you to play a PBEM game. Maybe we could play one since it would be our first game of AAE, we’d be equally matched.

  • For the Allies to win, the Soviet counterattacks must be focused – and lucky! Build/borrow as many fighters as you can. Also I advise NOT strategic bombing. I cannot see how the high risk of aircraft loss is worth the gain of turning six German IPCs into ash. Gimme a break. Take out a couple of Wehrmacht infantry, and strafe & bomb Panzer divisions from the safety of a combined air-ground attack, and you can wipe out dozens of IPC value, with zero threat to your expensive air wings. Much better deal every time.

    Meanwhile, the order of the day for the Yanks and Brits is to correctly manage the balance of transports, destroyers & troops they’ll need for D-Day. Simplify: Tan boats will haul tan troops, green will haul green. See if you can steal a forward fighter base, maybe best in Norway.


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