• Can units from great britain load into a transport and unload directly into Europe on the same turn and engage in combat. If an allied country tries to get back a convoy with a german sub in it and the sub submerges during battle does the allied country receive it’s income from the convoy or not. What exactly do tank blitzes do. Appreciate some help.

  • In regard to your first question, yes. If you look under transports in your rules you’ll learn about something called bridging; you can amphib. assualt europe directly from the UK. The attacker would take the convoy centre even if the submarine is submerged (of course they would needa war ship to take it). Blitzingis a special combat move reserved for tanks. They can move through an enemy controled territory (that is one without enemy units), gain control of it them selves an continue on to a friendly territory, another enemy controled territory (gaining control of it too), or it can move on to take part in a regular battle. Hope this helps you out, and may your country of choice rule the world.

  • A&A Europe question.
    heres another question that came up and the rule book wasnt really CLEAR enuff for my friend even though everyone else thought it was. When germany (or any country for that matter) takes over ,lets say, leningrad in our case, can germany move the aa gun back to baltic states after capturing the teritory. Or must it remain on the territory and be moved germany’s next turn? thanks

  • The rules never really state whether or not you can, but I usually play with you move it next turn.

  • '19 Moderator

    It seems to me that the AAA would have been used defensively durring the attack and therfore can’t be moved durring noncombat.

    My opinion.

  • I agree with Dezertfish, also the AA gun is just like a newly purchased/aquired unit(can’t move until next turn)

  • see pg 21 of the rule book:
    “AA guns in a captured territory may not be moved in the same turn that the territory is captured”

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