Preview 2: The Russian Revolution

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    Another factor I forgot to throw in the mix: POWs. A large umber of prisoners were released by each side after the armistice between the Soviets and CPs.

    So, a number of infantry units, perhaps calculated on the number of turns played, are placed in bordering tts by each side. Its simplest to divide up the CP units on a 1/1/1 basis, though in reality there were more Austrians than Turks. The number of Russians would be smaller than the PC total as the war is supposed to be over for Russia, but a number would be placed to bulk up the Red army.

    This would party compensate the CPs for having a large number of units stranded in the east unable to be be moved to the western front in time because of the lack of damned trains.

  • Well presently Russia turns into IMPASSABLE after the revolution so just making it neutral is a small step toward reality. The CP can keep going to Moscow if it wants, but that reactivaes Russia as an allied power, conversely, if Russia is almost empty the allies can invade to get to Moscow and turn back the revolution (by fighting their way to the Kremlin)

    Otherwise, both van ignore Russia as it sorts out its own internal affairs.
    I would go as far as having a die cart you roll each turn to see if/how the revolution ends. Some result rejoining the Allies, some remaining neutral, some trading with the CP, and an option to Join the CPs.

    Would probably be 2d6. 6,7, and 8 being “stays neutral roll again next turn”

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