Best HBG pieces for Chinese Artillery

  • After a long time reading the forums, here is my first post with a very simple question…

    I am about to order a few components from, and I would like to have a few artillery pieces that match the Chinese color in AA1940 2nd. (Instead of placing American artillery on the board)

    Is the light green from HBG the same as China’s color in A&A 1940 2nd? From the picture on the site the yellow green seems a better match. (Or maybe I am wrong and I need to grab the celery green…)

    Additional question: While at HBG, anything else you would recommend adding to my order?


    P.S. I hope this is the correct forum for this type of question…

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    The yellow green comes close.
    Thanks for checking us out.

  • Thanks! IPC have been spent, now I’m waiting for the mobilize new units phase 😉

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