How is Pacific 1940 SE different from Global 1940 SE?

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    How is Pacific 1940 SE different from Global 1940 SE?

    Please give me the differences ONLY.

    I am wondering because I want to take global 1940’s game xml file for triplea and just remove all europe stuff, that way we end with pacific 1940 se.


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    I’m pretty sure the only differences are that the US has different NOs.
    Also, Russia is neutral, it has no units, it is not playable, and it cannot be invaded or have units non combat move into its territories.

    US NOs:
    When the United States Is at War:
    �  30 IPCs if the United States controls Western United
       States. Theme: Major shift from peacetime to wartime
    �  5 IPCs if the United States controls both Alaska and
    �  5 IPCs if the United States controls all of the following
      territories: Aleutian Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Johnston
      Island, and Line Islands. Theme: National sovereignty issues.
    �  5 IPCs if the United States controls Philippines. Theme:
      Center of American influence in Asia.

    The link for the Pacific 1940 SE rule book:

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    alright, Pacific 1940 Second Edition is done

    you can download it here: War II

    please send me a private message if you find anything wrong with it
    (i probably won’t check this thread again)

  • I don’t have AAP 1940 SE, but I’ve been looking at the pdf of the SE edition to see what changed from the first.  Looking at the AAP SE changes vs. Global SE I notice the UK Pacific starting income is 16 rather than 17 for Global.  This is due to the transfer of West India’s income to the Pacific and the North American UK territories are part of the European UK.  (You probably already have this correctly entered for your map, but it is worth noting for those who are trying to reconstruct AAP 1940 SE using a first edition box and the Europe Global SE rules/box.)

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