OOB Pacific 40 wasn't 'pointlessly broken!'

  • I recently bought the game and became interested in the ‘Pointlessly Broken’ thread that resulted in the amendment giving the USA a 30 IPC bonus. After much debate it eventually got down to remarkably bloodless scripted moves and blocking counter-moves involving the capture of the Aleutian Islands in J3 and Western Canada in J4. In J5 the entire Japanese navy, air-force and transported starting armies from Manchuria, Korea, Japan and Okinawa attack WUS and in the following bloodbath capture it (at the cost of nearly all of the land and many of the air units). Without the bonus this was a near certainty and it’s still a possibility even with the bonus. However the bonus isn’t necessary because in games I’ve played without using the bonus Japan went on to lose anyway due to an Allied counter-strategy.
      In brief, China takes over all of under-defended occupied China, the UK quickly gets an income of 32 (Siam, Indo-China, Sumatra, Celebes, Formosa and Okinawa minus Canada) and possibly 35 (Korea), Anzac gets 24 (Java). The UK builds an industrial complex and airbase in Kwangtung, builds bombers every turn as does ANZAC and they bomb Japan forcing the Japanese player to spend much of his dwindling income on repairs rather than new units. The UK and ANZAC fleet gather in SZ20. The USA should accept that WUS will fall and augment his fleet as normal collecting all of the ships not essential for blocking (in the scripted defence) at SZ26. This fleet moves to SZ6 (with carrier planes) and is joined by the UK and ANZAC fleets reducing Japanese income even more. It might even be possible to conduct an amphibious assault on Japan at this point but in any case it’s only a matter of time before Japan is defeated due to the economic gap. OOB Pacific 40 wasn’t broken!

  • Thank you so much for this update. That thread is one I’ve been following behind the scenes for years. I can’t believe Larry Harris didn’t do more to improve this stand alone game.

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