• If I take a tac bomber and fighter and attack an infantry and miss, and the infantry hits and I select the fighter as a casualty, does the tac bomber then fire at a 3 instead of a 4 throughout the rest of the battle? Many thanks

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  • Attacker goes first, Defender second.  
    Once all those die are cast and casualties are determined a new round starts unless the attacker withdraws (if they can).
    Then you re-assess the battleboard for changes in combined arms bonuses such as you describe.

    In short, once you lose that Ftr, that Tac no longer attacks at 4. (In your described situation that is).

  • Great thanks!

  • I’ve been reading this forum for years, but this is my very first post.

    I agree with Krieghund and Spendo02, but I’ve not found it so specifically written in the 1st addistion 1940 rules. My friend, who I play 1940 with, insists that once you start with a bonus, you keep it though the battle and you don’t reassess the battle-board. Since I can’t find it in the rules where it clearly states what Spendo02 wrote, I have acquiesced rather than get in a pissing contest with the only guy I know who will play 1940. So, if you know where in the rules it clearly states this, please point it out.

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    Unfortunately it’s not clear in the rules, but that’s been corrected in the second edition.  The same principle applies to destoyers cancelling submarines’ abilities - once the destroyers are gone, the subs regain their abilities in the next combat round.

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