• So, I get that air superiority gained popularity over battleships in WW2, and I think A&A does a pretty good job of showing this (look at how many carriers are built vs. the number of battleships).

    However, in terms of gameplay, what would it take to make them viable purchases without breaking the game?

    ~18 IPC price tag?  16?
    ~able to take 3 hits?
    ~something else, like rolling two attacks?

    Interested in hearing your thoughts.

  • Fine as they are.

    Get three BBs lined up in one sea zone and you pretty much rule the waves with their ‘regeneration’ powers working in tandem… Making them any easier to get would be serious trouble for the game.

    Now cruisers… there’s a real problem.

    The only time I’ve ever seen a good player buy a cruiser, they were playing ANZAC and trying to max out their naval build.

  • Cruisers have their use for USA or UK (i mostly use them in low-luck, as 2 cruisers is a sure coastal hit)

    As for battleships, i agree with Make_it_round. Their price is fair (though not cheap, but they shouldn’t be, as they get too powerful once you have a few of them)

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