Thinking of making a new mod of Napoleonic, for a 5-player FFA variant

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    Due to some complaints about the asymmetric-ness of Napoleonic Empires, where we have 8 nations each with different starting TUV and situation, I am thinking of making a new mod.

    Unlike the 8 player FFA version of Napoleonic Empires, I will try to make all nations start approximately equal.

    I also want to reduce the number of players to around 5

    I was thinking it would be:

    Austria-Prussia (combined)
    Ottoman Empire

    I would have to make sure territory income was approximately the same for each country, so this means I would need to expand Ottoman’s and Russian’s borders.  As well as increase the value of their convoy zones.

    I would increase French and UK fleets in the med.

    Spain and Sweden would be replaced by massive neutral armies, and the value of their territories capped at 4.

    My only concern would be that there are more Victory Cities in easy reach of UK and France than for any other power, since Spain and Sweden would be out of the game (thats 4 extra VC right there).

    what do you guys think?

  • It’s probably more work then you were looking to do, and these might not be completely historical. But here are some thoughts or suggestions that you might have already thought of and maybe some new ones.

    1. What if you made a land route between Russia and Sweden and then made it possible to cross between Denmark and Sweden as well? That’d up the competition for Sweden so UK couldn’t just waltz in and then forever secure it with their navy. Maybe just a callout box or dotted lines or some such. Or arrows and text with ‘to such and such terr’ like that one WWI game I can’t remember the name of.

    2. Possibly adding more fleet for Russia & Austria-Prussia in the Baltic.

    2. Could you just remove the VCs in question?

    3. How about making all of Spain but Gibraltar and all of Sweden true neutrals and impossible to move into? You might have to recode the straits bit for Denmark or just include those terr in the game. Otherwise just make them completely game neutral.

    4. Stretch the Ottoman presence further west, maybe give them an outpost in Tunisia or Tripoli with some fleet units, general/camp, plus some forts/ground pounders. Let them contend with UK/France for Spain. Maybe do this in conjunction with #1 or #2.

    5. Up the Victory conditions for UK/France to account for the ease of getting those VCs.

    6. I’m running out of valid thoughts.

    7. Seriously stop reading I’m out of ideas.

    8. Why can’t we have a A&A Global FFA?

    9. Add a VC in Baghdad and/or Jerusalem? And then expand Russia closer to it so they can contest it with Ottomans?

    10. Nuke Ottomans or Austria-Prussia as well and make it four player. Those VCs would be easier for whichever country made the cut + Russia to grab. Up ALL victory conditions to reflect that more VCs are up for grabs.

  • I have 2 twice and that means my list got up to 11, and since I can’t finish with an odd number

    12. Nuke the Ottomans current location and situate them more into the middle east where all the neuts are. VCs would be Baghdad, Jerusalem, and/or Cairo. Maybe stretch them as far a Tunisia/Tripoli if IPC count allows. Expand Russia down some and maybe AP as well if needed. Leave most of present day Turkey and the Balkans as neuts and Russia, Ottomans, and Austria-Prussia could squabble over those VCs and terrs.

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    it took longer than i thought, but i’ve put together a working playable version that incorporates most everything i wanted to do

    all nations have between 52 and 56 production, and all start with 46 PUs

    all nations except UK have similar TUV, but UK’s is higher because uk has a lot of useless fortresses, and more fleet than land, and fleet is pricey

    Russia and Austria each have 2 convoy zones worth 8

    France, UK, and Ottoman empire each have 3 convoy zones worth 6

    All nations require 7 victory cities to win

    Ottomans now have a fleet off Tangiers, so that they may compete for Spain, etc.

    Many territories had their production adjusted, for example Moscow is higher (7), and Spain’s old capital is now lower (3).

    To use, just download the .xml file and stick it in a “games” folder in any triplea map


  • I’m in to try it.

  • But I may add:

    are we sure Prussia+Austria starting with 4 victory cities is not gamebreaking?

  • And: Ottomans have like no presence in the eastern med and 3 convoy to defend. hmmm I dunno.

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    Austria may start with 4 VC’s, but good luck getting more.  They are surrounded on all sides by enemies.

    All other nations can easily access 2 more VCs (UK can get Sweden/Spain/Rome, France can get Spain/Rome/Egypt, Ottomans can get Rome/Egypt, and Russians can get Sweden).

    All other nations can expand without making people mad.  After the intial border territories are taken (ie: after the first 2 rounds), Austria can only really expand by taking other people’s territory, which will probably piss them off.

    Ottomans have a total of 4 ships in western med, and 6 ships in eastern med.
    France has 7 ships spread out in med.
    UK has 7 ships spread out in med.

    Throw in the fact that Ottomans can dump 10 ships a turn if they really want, and I think Ottomans should do just fine.  Actually I was thinking of deleting the corvette I just gave them in the black sea.

    Anyways, it needs some quality testing for sure!

  • Yes I’m up for testing it!

    But what do you think of making it a 6player game instead of 5? Maybe a Variant?

    Also I was thinking, do you know the 270BC map? With enough tweaking it might be a very interesting free for all game! Don’t you think so?

    About the Ottoman Navy: You may say he has 6ships in eastern med but the TUV is very different with France/UK. I don’t think Ottomans should be in position to take Rome really, but they should be able to defend their convoy.

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