4 Player Idea

  • I had an idea the other day of a 4 player mode in Axis and Allies, tell me what you think. In this version, Germany took over the UK. All troops in the UK and all Ships in the sea zone surrounding the UK are Germany’s. All other British troops and territories are under American control. I realize that this would give the U.S. a lot of money, but a lot of money means nothing if left without sufficient tactics.

  • hmmm……I am thinking that the US and Russia would get destroyed. Germany could just overwhelm Russia after a few turns. Maybe if there was no Russia restricted and you had a good allied player…

  • even a mediocre player can hold off the mass of america long enough to let japan squash em, if the uk sea zone isnt allied then the game is pretty much over already unless they can capture it bc that spot is pivotal for the success of any invasions into europe

  • One thing that could be fun would be to play this version, but have a non aggression pact between Russia and Japan. So Japan could attack the US in Asia and Africa, but could not hurt Russia in the East. Might make for some fun naval battle in the pacific. Otherwise don_riggins is right, Russia gets stomped.

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