Mech Inf Move and Attack

  • Having a debate over the technical aspects of mech infantry movement.

    Can mech infantry move through a friendly square to attack another square two away?

    To use the picture for an example.  On Russia’s turn can the two mech infanty move from Sikang through Tsinghai and into Kansu to attack the Japanese if they wanted to?

    Also, if Tsinghai and Shensi were Japanese controlled could the Russian mech infantry not move from Sikang through Tsinghai or Shensi and into Kansu to attack since there is no tank to escort for blitzing.

    Thank you all

  • Mechs can move thru friendly tt but not unfriendly ones.

    What are you using French artillery, and more importantly, where did you get that weird looking french fighter?

  • Are you using French artillery for the Chinese? Good idea, sort of, just looks odd.

    And Calvin is right.

  • Good observation guys!

    I have considerably too many pieces left over from old games.  Think the fighter is a circa 1985 model painted blue to be a flying tiger in my home made Anniversary game.

    The artillery, the boys like the blue color, think it is under utilized by the French so they pick it for the Chinese.

    Thanks for the quick second on the rule btw.

  • one mech can attack alongside 1 tank (aka blitz). the ratio is 1:1

  • Official Q&A

    The important thing to understand about mechanized infantry movement is that they move in exactly the same way that tanks do, except that they can’t blitz without a tank.  In most cases, the confusion on this issue comes from the definition of the term “blitz”.

    Many people define “blitz” as any two-space movement by a tank, but that’s incorrect.  A blitz movement is a combat movement through an unoccupied, enemy-controlled territory and into another territory.  Only the first territory is “blitzed”.  The second one is not, regardless of its status.

    So, mechanized infantry may only make a combat movement through an unoccupied, enemy-controlled territory and into another territory when paired with a tank.  Any other two-space movement that a tank can legally make can also be made by a mechanized infantry without an accompanying tank.  This means that mechanized infantry may always move two friendly spaces alone in noncombat movement, and they may also move two spaces alone in combat movement if the first territory is friendly.

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