Radical U.S. First Turn Option

  • Germany can’t defend against all those countries until japan sacks russia

    Except people do it all the time!

  • Japan doesn’t need to “sack Russia”. Only make 'em deal with Japan in a big way. If Japan holds all of USSR (except Russia, Karelia & Caucases), USSR will be too poor to hold out for long.

    Every game is different. Germany first is a good strategy, but its hardly foolproof. It can be beat.

    As far as Tech rolls I basically agree w/ Yanny. There are typically 2 times you roll for tech: when you got a lot of cash and need to put the game away, or when you are so far behind its the only thing that can save you. Alternatively you can roll for tech if you are in a gambling mood at ANY time–one of my friends is SO lucky with tech its a good idea for him whenever 😁 ! But even he won’t roll 6 at a time–even if you get the tech, you won’t be able to buy any of the “improved pieces” till next turn. Now you’re not 1, but 2 turns behind!

    One thing that bothers me is how people forget you’re supposed to roll for tech BEFORE YOU BUY! Sure you can budget it out but if you get Super Subs and you bought 2 INF what good did it do you?

    Tech totally altered 2 of our games. In one that lucky friend of mine rolled as USA on Turn 2 after losing pretty much his whole Pacific Fleet. He got Long Range Aircraft and totally f****d things up for the Axis thereafter! Once the Pacific was clear he built a few ships and bottled up Japan, and started bombing Germany from USA!!! The second time the Axis were winning when USA got Heavy Bombers. The game became a race for economic victory before the Bombers could be built and used. Tech is a cool part of the game but don’t overestimate it: it’s gambling, pure and simple.


  • It is not any more gambling than the game itself.
    More dice rolls are involved in the game than in tech rolls.

  • Yes, but in the game you can control when, where, and what, to some degree, will be engaged. This is why it’s a stratagy game, and the more you roll the better your chances of hitting so in a battle there is a very small probablity of getting extremly unussual dice rolls.

  • Exactly, Almost.
    You can control when you roll dice.

  • Why would you want to go through the trouble of setting up the game, getting together with friends just to get the US heavy bombers so you can end the game right away.
    Why even play, Just give the americans all the tech and end the game even quicker, sounds like fun……dumb.

    I am just saying that even though there is a risk in buying tech, don’t ignore it!
    I usually roll tech when I don’t need an extra tank or inf next turn as Japan, US, or UK. Not all turns, not everything on one turn; one or two dice here and there throught out the course of the game.

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