• Ok, I’m pretty new to this game, but I enjoy playing Germany because they need to do so much to win. Problem is, I don’t win. When you guys play, what is your ‘standardized’ opening move with Germany? I’m thinking go after Russia all out, destroy the UK fleet, and pump about 7 pieces into Africa to prevent the US from landing over there and taking it back for UK too quickly. Can you help me out with the specifics? Thanks.

  • Purchase 1 trans and 8 inf.

    I asumme you are playing russian restricted.

    karelia would normaly be to well defended to take, so on the eastern front there might be a weak caucasus, but yor planes is going to take the english fleet and you don’t want to leave your armors exposed.(you might go for it anyway, but with very little troops).
    This leaves you with reinforcing eastern europe in round 1. (you can choose get troops from finland-norway to an area to with the baltic transport).

    In africa the safe procedure is too leave egypt to round two. and just build up in libia , (taking French E.A with every thing).

    4 inf and a transport in southern an 4 inf in germany.

    well that was what my opening moves evolve around. The details varies a little ,but not much.

    with regards

  • As Germany I often retreat from Ukraine (if Russia hasn’t taken it) to create a strong, unifed front in E. Europe. I also like to take Egpyt in the first turn; this gives me an extra edge in Africa even if it is a little risky. I take on the british fleet with my air force, being certain to get their transports so they cannot retailiate against Africa very quickly. I then land as many planes in E. Europe as possible (maybe one in W. Europe) and move all my tanks to the Eastern front. I then move most of my infantry to E. Europe, with two or three heading toward W. Europe (it isn’t that big a priority since the allies can do virtually nothing agianst me there for a while). I then place a tranasport and two to four infantry in S. Europe and the rest of my infantry in Germany. This allows me to get even more troops into Africa. This creates a stong force with which you can wear down the russians with (strafe for several turns before commiting) and beefs up German forces in Africa nicely before the impending invasion.

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  • Hopefully you have an able Japanese or there’s not much that the Axis can do. Usually Germany buys all inf. except for maybe a tank or two. All three of the Allies will usually gain up on Germany, so your main goal fend off any attacks in Europe. Once Japan becomes a threat to Moscow itself, the Allies will usually divert forces to Asia, allowing Germany to once again go on the offensive. Also try not to take so many territories on the Eastern front and focus more on Africa, as you run the gambit of a Russian counterattack along thinly held areas.

  • We do not play with Russia Restricted. We’ve only played 3 times.

  • I agree with the first turn purchase of 1 transport and 8 infantry. Destroy all enemy ships around Europe as your top priority. Hit and Run Karelia to get your tank out of Norway and give Russia a good right hook to the jaw. Take 3 territories in Africa by advancing your infantry south and blitzing your tank.

    Land one or 2 fighters in Lybia along with the 2 infantry brought over by transport. Land your Bomber in Western Europe so it can strike any newly built east coast U.S transports next turn. Just be sure to land fighters or move infantry into western Europe to back up the bomber.

  • well i play with my uncle , he has been playing the game 4 about 30 years now,am normally germany,now i think the best first move is::,well normally i send all my planes and bomber to take the english fleet send my sub from germany into english waters,to stop them buildin ships,move all my men from ukraine to eastern europe land my planes in eastern europe,i buy all men first round, stick 1 man 1 tank in africa take out the english in there attack the english sub in syria iraq with battleship and transport, and the english battleship in gibralter hopefully i can take out defendin with the sub in english waters,and just keep putting men on eastern front and hopefully if japan does it’s thing and manages to get on asia and build up enuogh well it makes it that litle bit easier just build up id say about 30 tanks you will need to be succesfull it beating russia i normally have atleast 25 if you take kerelia and hold it well pump 3 tanks a time on it ,when america gets a fleet up again after japan kills the aircraft carrier and sub start building men on western europe,just wait till you have enuogh to take russia before you do but when america comes over to take africa back well you have to go at russia and hopefull the men that japan is buildin up on asia is enuogh to hold them of while you get together,i dont think it is wise to sacrafice men to hold africa you really need them men to fight russia and really i dont think you would put up a good fight agaisnt america when they land,they will keep comin till they take it ,really when russia is out of the way england would be the next target hopefully japan would have a feasible navey to put up a challenge, also build fleet 4 germany round about this time….good luck.

  • Wow, 30 years – that’s a lot longer than I’ve been around. Basically that’s what I would do if I played Germany. Usually I buy nothing but infantry with Germany and then switch to tanks as the game progresses. Hopefully Japan will be doing her part by pressuring Russia so the Russians will be forces to divide their forces between Russia and Kerelia. Then it’s just, “Divide and Conquer.”

    For a quick hint: Don’t overextend yourself trying to take Moscow. It’s happen more than once where Germany beats the Russians but can’t retreat in time to pit his forces against American/British landings in Western Europe or Germany itself.

  • yeah i try not to concentrate on russia to much, becuase it dont really matter if russia falls if uk and usa are powerfull enuogh then you cant do much anyway when i take russia i got to much to defend, about that time he has about 30 men both america and uk and about 20 tanks with UK and USA and he also has a big fleet enuogh to wipe japan out instantly but he dont really see them as a fret and he will try alot of tactics am in kerilia after defeating russia , i cant really move from there or he will drop forces on norway and procede to go to russia and take the money from it,if that dont work then he will normally go round to japans water and drop all his men on the other side of the board cant remember the country i dont have the game my uncle does and he attacks japan fleet and takes japan,or sometimes he will come to africa and move up from there or he will come down to southern europe wiith english trnasporters and english fleet and men and drop them there in southern europe but if i split my forces from western europe (france) then he will land there i have to quickly move my forces down there to try and stop him then he drops the americans on kerilia and go’s to russia and moves the rest of the russians that are in asia what are killing japanese men that drop over. he also…… most of the time manages to get a factory with the uk in indua and fly all his planes there to defend it so then i have the ,americas taking russia joining up with the english build up in asia aswell with the remaining russians and then english fleet atackking my men on gibralter and landing and attacking soutern europe only if i havent got my men there in time if i only have tanks defending it he attacks, but he then changes and then drops men on syria iraq and joins the english with the americans and the russia remainders so then he has russia defending moscow with americcans english he is getting alot of money pumping more men out reading 4 the next landing and am still badly damaged with germany to really attack him, or sometimes he just lingers around german waters and waits 4 me to open up then lands in sothern or attacks it, its really hard playing with him, he originally found the game in america some military people was playing the game apparently,said there commander made them play it makes then strategic thinking a guess?

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