Just joined up and more ???s re. leveling, 3rd Ed, etc…..

  • Seen enough here to join up.

    Please help me out with my “house rules/leveling” post. Specifically, I need to know if you guys think the 3rd Ed rules along with RR and Germany getting Rockets at the start with no other WD allowed would even the game or is it too much given 2 equal opponents?

    Also, I would like to know what the general feel is regarding the 3rd edition rules. Do they aid the Axis or are they more for realism?

  • Hard to say. 2 junior but equal players might always end up with an allied victory. 2 medium but equal players might end up with an axis win most of the time. 2 experts and equal end up with allied victories.

    3rd edition helps allies more then axis IMHO.
    RR and German rockets alone might be enough, if not give germany jet power (ftrs defend on a 5). Somebody at our group coined the term piranha for a German jet fighter. Couple of those in a stack of infantry adds some back bone! No rolling 4 times each always missing, they always take a bite!


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