• To be 100% sure I hope you can confirm?

    1. 1 fighter moving 4 zones and one moving carrier meets in a hostile seazone in combat move and conducts seabattle. The enemy is defeated and the attackers carrier is lost. If another carrier cant reach this zone in non-combat the fighter is lost??

    2. A retreating attacker always decides if and how many airunits he/her reatreats with?

  • Official Q&A

    1. Yes.

    2. Partial retreats are not allowed.  The only exception is amphibious assaults, where the land units may not retreat, but the air units may.  Even then, all air units must retreat at the same time.  If you retreat, you retreat all retreatable units.

  • Regarding question 2
    I thought that the part in the FAQ that says:
    “Can only part of an attacking force retreat, leaving other units behind to keep fighting?
    No, with one exception – any number of planes can retreat from amphibious assaults during any Press Attack or Retreat step. Otherwise, this is never allowed.”

    Doesnt “any number” means that you can choose how many planes to retreat with??

  • Official Q&A

    That was a poor choice of words.  It’s being corrected now.

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