Opinion poll: What round should Japan attack on? (Day36 to 43 from release date)

  • The last poll showed a heavy favor for Japan 3 attack.


    Let’s see what this poll shows now that more games are being played.

  • If it heavly set-up for a J2 attack (ungarded transport, good J1 attacks on China, weak allies fleets etc) then J2 but J3 is probley the best if not.

  • J1 is too early, J3 is too late, J2 is perfect.

  • On J1 I moved half my fleet and airforce to Hainan and half to the Carolines. Basing your fleet at Carolines gives you near limitless opportunities of attack, which in my case allowed me to take and hold New South Wales on the second turn. Granted, my Australian fleet was soon destroyed by the US, but he took heavy losses as well. My Hainan fleet wiped out the Brits, so I was able to easily take China and India with the rest of my troops and my minor IC in FIC before the US could finally get within striking distance. I wouldn’t consider attacking on round 1, but attacking turn 2 gives you a lot of advantages lost by turn 3.

  • I’ve played 7 games so far. The first 2 games I wasnt really sure  :?  of when to attack, as Jap, so I waited till the 4th round. Since then my opponent and I have attacked on the 2nd round. I like the idea of being able to attack the allies whenever you please. It leaves your opponent guessing. There will be times, I’m sure, where i will attack on the 1st round or the 3rd round just to see the variance in the game.

  • Wow, what a change from a few weeks ago.


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