• i think i’ve played about 20 or so games of axis and allies 50th annv. edition and i’ve played about 50/50 with both sides. the guy i play with has been playing axis and allies ever since it came out and. i’ve never lost with the allies and only won 2 games with the axis. i always read on this forum how easy it is to win with the axis, how the starting balance is in the axis’s favor and ppl using bids to help the allies. tell me if i’m missing something.
    with germany i usually buy 4inf, 1art, and a complex to place in norway so i can hang on to both finland and norway for a while. i send tanks, inf, and art. to the baltic states, east poland, and the ukraine, and hold two tanks back in Czechoslavakia/Hungary. i send a sub and fighter to the destroyer in sz6, a sub to sz9, a sub to sz2 with a fighter and a bomber. i use 2inf, 2arm, 1art, in egypt and maybe the bomber if i dont attack sz2. if i dont attack sz2 with my bomber i use the fighter and sub elsewhere also, maybe the sub in sz9 and the fighter in the baltic states. on the non combat move depending on how the dice roll. i’ll move the inf and art either to poland or france. i place 4 inf and 1 art in germany. i send fighters to protect the complex  in norway. i usually recieve 45 ipc’s at the end of there first turn.
    with japan i usually buy two transports. i then take the necessary approach to try and get two NO’s and at least two china territories but most of the time three. i try to take british navy in the indian ocean and the american navy on the american coast and hawaii islands which i usually succeed. on the non combat move i try and move my japanese air force and navy within striking distance of india and out of harms way for round 2. i usally collect about 43 icp’s depending if i take the philippine islands then i collect about 36. plus the 3 ipc’s left over.
    with italy i usually buy 2 inf and 1 art to start. then send i inf. and 1 tank to trans jordan or egypt (depending if germany took egypt) which i usually win. on the non combat move i reinforce france and move the rest up towards russia. if every thing goes good i collect 22 ipc’s with italy.
    its seems im doing really good with axis to start but then it seems the allies recieve to much money and eventually over power the axis no matter what the axis do. either me and the person i play with are missing something or everbody else just sux with the allies. cuz i’ve had no problems with stompin across europe or the pacific when i play the allies and when i’m the axis its a struggle to end. so what is it that we are missing? we play with technologies and national objectives. any advice?

  • other people probably have more experience and insight into this than i, but one thing that imideately caught my attention in your approach is the IC in norway. I would assume that when britain wants this, they take it, and othervise it seems a lot of ressources to me to secure scandinavia.

    Have you considered gradually expanding the luftwaffe with a plane or two pr round in order to be a serious threath to the uk nawy?

    Regarding japan, my experiences are that it is good the keep the nawy close and avoid to many ships gone astray as they are often too weak against 1 or 2 bombers plus perhaps a sub. IF you have a strong united japaneese fleet in close priximity to the us (within striking range = 2 spaces), then you would be more able to dictate what the americans buy (landforces to prevent a japaneese invasion into western us.

    my comments are of course just some of the possibilities, but are gathered from app. 30 games and generally seem to work very well in my playgroup.

  • @Fighter:

    other people probably have more experience and insight into this than i,

    You are correct  🙂

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