Non-tech games: How many rounds does it usually take for one side to win?

  • This question presumes one side eventually concedes when the balance of the game has irreversible tipped against them.

    As a follow-on question, what made the difference between a relatively short game and a long game?

  • I have not yet played a single game of AA50 with tech. I choosed the 6-10 games option, but I think almost as many games I played have ended rnd 5 or sooner. So for me it’s about 50%-50% split between up to 6 rnds, and more than 6 rnds.

    My record for “long game” I think is 9 rnds, maybe 10.

    With NOs I would be suprised if games takes longer than 10 rnds. NOs are a mechanism for shortening games, b/c one side will get substansially more money than in a game w/o NOs, as soon as they start getting the upperhand.

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