• I’ve been using modded Risk 2210 rules for nukes.  When a land territory gets nuked, all units are destroyed, including ICs and AA.  A nuked territory gets an upside-down control marker placed on it, signifying it as impassable.  No income can be collected from it, nor can nuked VCs be used towards winning the game.

    I like it because it can change the very map you play on, but is it overpowered?  If so, is it unrealistically powerful, or just a game killer.  It kind of is a game killer, since US can turtle up and just roll tech till it gets nukes.

    Are nukes really doable in A&A?  I’d like to get some ideas and see if we can get a workable house rule.

  • With you rule, you need exception for capital.

  • I’ve been using nukes in Axis since 1985 with a few different rule sets.

    I think wiping out every unit in a territory is a quick workable solution but may be a little heavy handed.  It’ll take a lot of 20 kiloton fission weapons to wipe out every military unit in Germany or the Eastern U.S.

    I peronsally lean towards more complicated rules, allowing for reaction launches and rolling and attack against each unit. For example hitting Kaerila in 2nd edition at the start you roll attacks against each unit, the industrial complex and a.a. gun. It also does permanant damage to ipc value of the territory.
    This is meant for a more modern conflict where each strike represents a large number of weapons.

    For a-bombs I like the the Xeno games rule where it wipes out 20 ipcs worth of units.

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