• Okay, so I typically play A&A games with the same group of freinds. Typically i do very well with mostly wins. But this 1942 version I was wrecked as russia…. it was embarrasing how bad i did. partly because of bad rolling but i couldn’t stop germany at all. I was steam rolled. by the end of the 3rd turn moscow had been taken along with karilia and everything else on that side of the board. I had pulled my forces our of asia to help protect moscow. this was rediculous.

    Any thoughts on strategy or do others have this same problem?

    What I did the first turn was buy infantry and place 2 in karila 4 in causcus and the rest in my capitol.

    For attacking i tried to get a buffer near caucus but it failed misserably. i didn’t take a single territory. and germany took karila on its first turn. UK liberated it on the 3rd turn but moscow was gone.

    Also USA had only landed on goup of 2 tran, w/ all Inf and a fighter another group of 3 trans out of canada waiting for the next turn.

    I should add that the axis went all tanks and infantry in europe. Germany would buy 10 inf or 10 tanks every turn and italy supplied inf to guard france and norther europe. they built no air or navy just infantry and tanks w/ a few fighters here and there.

    Again I say we had no chance of even taking ground in europe even with usa and uk landing in the same territories and Russia was a joke.

    P.S. We did well against japan. considring USA used its original fleet and britain buit 3 units out of inda every turn. China did great in our game. It held its own pretty well by just stopping japan and sneaking threw the weak points in japanese lines.

    Also the UK had a huge fleet in the atlantic with 5 trans and plenty of protection. it had the ability to land its transports filled to the max each turn. but was still uneffective.

    Mainly I need a russian strategy to hold of the german front.

    Side note: is it worth it to keep allies out of russian territories for the extra 5 IPC, I don’t think it is?

  • after playing as germany and steam-rolling into moscow on my second turn, i was a little shocked at how easy it seemed (mind you, the soviet player had some terrible, terrible roles), i’ve been mulling this question over myself

    whenever my turn comes to play the red bear, i think i’ll be falling back from karelia (so only leaving a token defence there, or perhaps just not building/moving more units into it). if you position yourself to defend on the smallest amount of territories, then the german player generally has to deal with a couple more connecting territories, causing him to spread his defence. this means you can attack if you find an oppening, but otherwise keep your defences reasonably organised

    of course, uk and us need to land some forces to assist russia asap. i’d rather take the negated 5 IPC bonus for the extra defence

  • Okay, I played again and it took to long for british and american troops to get into europe. by the time they actually had a chance to make germany fight back russia was already gone and the german units were moving down toward india and africa.

    Has anyone won as the allies in 1942?

  • '10


    i think i’ll be falling back from karelia

    I haven’t played the 1942 scenario yet, but after having a look at the set-up it does look like it’ll be difficult for Russia.  I think I’d agree with Tinsnips about retreating from Karelia (at least in the short term, 'til Britain can come to your aid).

    Another (obvious) thing I would consider a must-do is to make sure Belorussia and east ukraine are taken on Russia’s first move, while setting up units in Russia (both units on the board moving West, and purchased units) to re-take either territory if Germany tries to take them back.

    It’s gonna be a hard slog for the first few moves, so Britain (and possibly USA) needs to get help over there ASAP.

  • played a game last night, and the russian player surprised me (i played as germany again). she all-out attacked me EVERY ROUND! she attacked three territories the first round, and took two. this style continued until i whittled down the dirty commies

    it worked really well too. by attacking, it pushed me back and forced me to split my attacks up every german turn and create more territory between my tanks and moscow

    i did take karelia my first turn, and hold it throughout though. i think the only mistake the russian player made was to push forward when the territories around moscow were taken. i blitzed with my tanks through un-defended archangel and straight into moscow (with the help of my substantial airforce). also took caucasus at the same time, so russia was destroyed (they did re-take moscow with the forces that had pushed out in the russian turn, but germany re-took moscow with little trouble)

    but still, one more turn and america would’ve landed a massive airforce in moscow to defend. so all-in-all, attacking worked for russia this time

  • Um, im confused. there is no lend lease in this game. do yo mean use them for defense of moscow and do air only attacks on german units?

  • I generally agree with Tinsnips.  Russia must build tanks in Moscow and Caucasus on R1, leave only infantry in Leningrad (the fighter to participate in the battle of East Ukraine then lands in Moscow), and take East Ukraine on the first turn.  This will destroy the advanced German armour and give Russia breathing space.  UK should not build an IC in India on turn 1, because Japan should move everything it can south to capture it on T2.  So UK and USA will have to come the normal route through Europe to help Russia.

  • Tin_snips seems to be right. In my 1942-game, Russia managed to keep Germany at bay for a long time by attacking, targerting armor and even two fighters, building infantry and an occassional fighter.
    As for the first moves, I don’t think taking and holding the provinces in front of Moskow is realistic for Russia. She’ll lose alot of troops she really needs. As long as you can make sure no IC falls into German hands, it seems possible to hold on. I have yet to look for a realistic strategy when your IC’s are threatened.

  • it just doesn’t look like russia can stand on her own for too long. attack is the best defence, so it would seem. but uk and/or usa will have to divert some forces russia’s way eventually

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