What is the correct bid amount in the 2010 League '42 setup?

  • Since we are bidding for the Allies this year, what is the correct bid amount?

    I really prefer a more global game than just a plain-Jane KGF, so I proposed a 6 IPC bid with 1 Chinese inf -> Yun and 1 UK inf -> Ind.

    I know that some people were advocating an “Indian Crush” tactic which is supposedly unstoppable, giving the Axis a great advantage, so I’d like to get some thoughts on this bid.

    Of course, with the League, we are playing with NOs, and my own presonal preference of techs on.

  • 1 inf is not enough to prevent India Crush, it should be 3

    As well, 1 inf to Yunnan is not enough unless you move the starting fig to a safe place. If you move the fig to a safe place, you should add at least 2 inf to sik; maybe inf, aa gun to sik and 1 art to nin or some similar combo, you can see the idea. I think that the aagun is important because of the size of japanese airfleet. Any reforms we make to China should include at least allowing them attack any axis controled territory or hostile sz without limitation. Better if we delete any restrictions.

    Another option is make a non-agression treaty USSR-Japan that means that while Japan and soviets are at peace, soviets cannot enter China and China cannot enter soviet controled territory but that’s the only limit China have. If Japan and USSR are at war, then there are no restrictions for China’s movement

    Why at least 2 units as bid for China? Well, if China would colect IPCs, they would have secured deploy 2 inf first round and save 1 IPC … as is now, they only have secured one, and no IPCs to save. Later rounds, the cumulative IPCs lost mean that China will colect usually one inf less than with normal IPC collecting. I’m pretty sure that designers never cared much about those lost IPCs (or China overall). So I’d say that 3 land units as bid in addition to moving the fig would be nice

    Other option is using AAP40 rules for China

    That’s about for Pacific side. I think soviets need a bit of boost as well in 1942 scenario. Not sure what’s the proper amount, but I guess that you cannot go wrong with a extra figher for Caucasus. That allows a better USSR1 without risking the german Baltic fleet

  • I’ll resume:

    • Soviet fig to cau
    • 3 UK inf to India
    • Delete chinese fig at Yunnan
    • Fig, 2 inf, aa gun to sik
    • Artillery to nin
    • Use AAP40 rules for China
    • Delete any restrictions of China’s movement and replace them with this: non agression pact USSR-Japan. If soviets and Japan are not at war, China cannot enter soviet controled territory and soviets cannot enter chinese controled territory

  • Reasons to not break the non-agression treaty:

    • For Japan, it they attack soviets, chineses are allowed to escape to Soviet Union. If Japan finish China before attacking soviets, they ensure that chinamen cannot escape.

    • For USSR, the main reason is that if they attack Manchuria they risk losing the siberian forces. Also, Siberian forces could have more use as reinforce against Germany. Finally, having chinese forces in soviet land means that soviets will lose one NO

    Finally, to prevent KGF fanmania, melt Perry Channel icecap and allow Japan attack WCan form Japan, unleashing their just wrath if USA tries ignore them. Mod WUSA+CUSA+EUSA NO to this: collect 5 IPCs if 4 of these are allied controled -> Hawaii, Alaska, WUSA, CUSA, EUSA

  • Funcioneta, you are posting house rules in response to a question about 1942 bid for league play.  you are way off topic.

    How about a russian sub/DD to remove some of the Germany navy?

    Germany is very strong early.  Japan can be controlled by USA in 1942.

    Any bid should help Russia as they get to hit Germany before G1.

  • Well, Bardoly wants a bid that doesn’t support a KGF. My point is that you must use house rules or otherwise any bid that you use will later or sooner mean that all most of people will do KGF. Even a full pacific bid will serve only for many just delaying Japan and trying KGF

    Strictly, the only really needed rules change to prevent KGF fanmania is ignoring Perry Channel icecap and acting as if z64 limited with WCan. That will force USA to fight the Pacific, want or not. In fact is not a rules change, it’s a map change

    With that done, broken China rules will be annoying but not game breaking if we limit the bid strictly to China and India (add Soviet Union to the bid and you’ll get again KGF fanmania). In that case, the bid will go up because of inherent weakness of chinese rules. You’ll need a new fig to replace the one that is going to be killed J1 and probably 4-5 infs at Sikang. Other option is add 1 aa gun, 4-5 infs at Yunnan to ensure that the fig is replaced and maybe even one artillery at nin or chi just in case that japan goes crazy and ignores indian fleet. Of course, you will need anyway 3 inf at India to prevent India crush

  • '16 '15 '10

    Assuming a straight bid with no special rules, I think Axis are favored if the bid is less than 10.

    It goes without saying that 1st round rolls are more important to determining the game outcome than bids.  So it’s perfectly plausible for Allies to win a no-bid game with an equally matched opponent if they get good 1st round rolls.

    But in terms of averages, it’s pretty similar to 41….5-12 is the range of bids on the TripleA server.  But 42 hasn’t been played much compared to 41 so these figures are premature and the bid spread will probably thin down once strategies get more sophisticated.

    It doesn’t matter whether the Allied strat is KGF or global warfare…if Russia collapses Allies are finished.  So either Russia needs the bid units or Allies need a plan to distract Germany.

  • @Zhukov44:

    It doesn’t matter whether the Allied strat is KGF or global warfare…if Russia collapses Allies are finished.  So either Russia needs the bid units or Allies need a plan to distract Germany.

    Good point, many times USSR falls before USA can do something of use. Probably best option is bid soviets

    I think that a strafing attack R1 can build a strong possition for them, but usually one of the three attacks work or too good or too bad. LL can aid USSR in this case, but also to Japan … but I never play LL anyway  :lol:

    Maybe 3 inf to Karelia is enough?

  • I would probably go for 3 INF for the USSR and put 1 each in Karelia, Russia, and the Caucasus. These can be used to beef up the Russian attacks against Germany as these seem to be pretty critical for the Allies to have some chance of success.

    Unlike AA5041 in AA5042 Germany is the monster. All that boohooing about China is really irrelevant. All Germany had to do is build up the Baltic Fleet and throw its 50 IPCs a turn weight around. So while you may want to take a more global approach a properly played Germany will HAVE to be dealt with, not so much from a KGF standpoint but because it is the monster on the board and can not be ignored. If it is Either London or Moscow will be in German hands very soon.

  • no bids.  42 is balanced.

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