• In my only two games of 1942, I played the Allies and attacked Bel, Euk, and Ukr on R1. However, this caused me to lose 2 tanks on G1. I’m considering skipping the Ukr attack to conserve my starting tanks, and I would like to know if anyone has tried this out in a game or has any thoughts on it.

  • You should check out this thread. IL talks about what you could do.


  • So you think that I should make 3 attacks R1 even though I will probably lose 2-3 of my tanks? I have seen this thread before, but was wondering if making one less attack would put Russia in a worse spot than exposing at least half her armor to a G1 counter. I guess I am just averse to losing tanks early, seeing as Russia needs to build a fairly high number of infantry early.

  • Be aggressive as Russia but not too much so, Move all infantry in the east westward because those territories are not very valuable and Japan will just slaughter you if they want to.  build at least one or tow more fighters and a Tech a turn.  You gotta figure that all the units Russia begins the game with are as good as dead already.

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