VPs for AA50

  • I was just reading the end of this thread: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/341599

    …and it got me thinking. There a lot of people that would like to see an even amount of attention to both the theaters of war, and I realize that the NOs are now an effort along with VCs to encourage such play… Im just wondering, wouldnt VPs be a great way to force the allies to spread their efforts in multiple directions instead of the standard KGF?
    You could do VPs for the axis or allies as a group, OR you could do it as individuals - so if japan gets too large (left alone), it can win the game by itself so to speak… same goes for japan, they cant focus ALL their efforts on the charge to moscow, as the usa could steal all the VPs from the pacific…

    Just thinking out loud mostly 😉

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