• Hey Mr. Obvious,
    Long-time listener
    First-time caller

    I’ve only played about 5 or 6 games with a couple friends and need some clarification on legality of some moves.

    Quote from rule book.
    “A transport may not load or offload in a territory adjacent to a hostile sea zone, unless units consist of only submerged submarines.”

    So I’m in a game, UK turn 1. Germany did not move their ships at all.  So there is 1 submarine in SZ8, can I invade Western Europe, if I kill the submarine or make it submerge?

    My plan:
    1.) Attack sub in SZ8 with 1 fighter. So it will be destroyed or submerge, because it cannot fire back.
    2.) Take the transport SZ2 and load up Infantry and Tank and unload at Western Europe.
    3.) Take transport SZ1 load up Tank and move to SZ6 load up another Infantry and unload at Western Europe.
    4.) Take a fighter and bomber to attack Western Europe.
    5.) Take a battleship from SZ13 to SZ7 for off-shore bombardment.
    6.) Take a battlehip from SZ2 to SZ7 for off-shore bombardment.

    So is this move legal? Does the battleship have to engage the submarine w/ the fighter?

    Please let me know what is wrong with the move, if anything. Thanks.

  • go hear and get these rules, they fix problems with the book rules and are more balanced.

    on your question. as far as i know it is legal to do what you say.

  • Actually after reading some rules, there is no way that would work.

    Ground Example: Country A has 2 infantry and 2 tanks. Country B has one enemy infantry. Country C is connected to B has some more enemy infantry.

    A cannot attack B with two infantry then if successful move the tanks and attack country C.

    That is what I am trying to do in the sea. The transports would have to stop at the submarine. Which would be fine to unload, if there was land there, but there isn’t.

    From the rules: “If a transport encounters hostile sea units AFTER it begins to move its physical movement for that turn ends here.”

    So no invasion this turn.

  • That is correct.
    The given sequence can’t be done in the same turn.
    When you declare the moves in Combat Move phase, the transport has to stop at SZ8.

    Regarding the LHTR link Pervavita gave you, LHTR = Larry Harris Tournament Rules.
    Larry Harris is the game maker. LHTR is written a bit better so you have less arguments with friends. It also fixes a few controversal gameplay issues.

  • sorry i wasn’t looking at a board, i thought the sub was sitting off the coast of France and as such you would have your transports stop off the coast.

  • Fricking subs…

  • Thanks for all the input.

    FYI: US & UK forces are holding Western Europe as we speak.:)
    Cannot wait to continue the war later this weekend.

  • 😄
    Subs rule!
    Just wish I could afford to buy more for Germany.
      I playtested a strat in the on-line gaming on the TripleA site where I defended Western Europe and bought an IC there on G2. The whole purpose of the IC in western Europe was to place subs in the 3 adjacent sea zones as needed! Specifically to keep UK from loading up troops and going into the Baltic to invade. It also played havoc in the western Med for allied shipping there as well.
    Really competant allied players, with a great amount of patience usually overcame this expensive defensive strat. But others were so frustrated by it, that they usually capitulated by turn 7 or 8.  😄

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