• Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like 100 points is never enough for a truly satisfying game?  I ask because this is how I feel, and War at Sea is no exception…

    I’m in the middle of a game of WaS, and we’re using 200 points.  For regular minis, I have my nations set up into 600 point armies.  I just like the action to be BIG, I guess…

  • I find 200 to be the starting point for AAMinis and 200 the maximum in WaS.

  • depends how much time u have on ur hands i supose… was is better at 100+ though… without more u carriers dont last long  😮

  • Very true; our games DO tend to last quite a bit longer.

  • For me, we went up to 350 on our third game.  I mean in order to use some really cool stuff vet of King heck you need 65 -71 points .  Time is the factor here.  I hope these new maps are numbered so perhaps we can kind of pick up were we left off.

    Axis Fan

  • I think 100 points is good for getting started. The operation market garden map I’m working on I’m imagining will be around 900 points for the allies and more or less the same for the Germans. Then again the map for this is 4’ by 8’ so we’ll have a lot more room to move around on.


  • I have a 3 x 8 table and today we played a 400 point game and used only about 1/2 of the available area based upon objectives.  It took about three hours to play and was quite enjoyable.

  • Yeah, I think 100 points is just to get you started. Likeall the other A&A games you can elvolve it to fit your needs.


  • In A&A I actually like 100pt games… any larger and they take a long time, although a big one here or there is great too!

    But for WaS I must play with 200pts (or 150)… 100pts makes the game to restrictive on what u can use especally with limited to 1 set!

  • On the 4’ by 8’ game I’m thinking of making it six players. 3 German, 2 US and 1 UK. So I guess Your in essence playing three smaller games.


  • My armies that I have already set up are 600 points each, with 300 put into armor and 300 into infantry.  The idea there was to have it set up for 4 players, with one person controlling either the armor or infantry portion of their team.

  • I’m still fairly new to playing.  That being said, I’m finding the 100 point games work very well for a quick game.  I have incorporated the ‘Expert Rules’ platoons and nationality point adjustment ideas though.  They seem to work very well!

  • Yeah, all the 100 point games I have played are always done faster than a monoploy game just for that it’s worth adding it to the A&A team.


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