• I have quite a bit of miniatures and am pretty new to the game. I have found it hard to decide on what to use in my army. This is where I’d like your help. I need some suggestions for a 100 point army using what I already have. I’m open to using either Axis or Allies, in fact i’d like to build two armies, one of each. I’d also like to stick with the historical guidelines [eg. no russian and US units in the same army], but I’m open to anything. I don’t care what playstyle the army is suited for but, iam mostly looking for a well rounded army. Like I said before, i’m open to anything.

    Here’s what i have:


    3x PAK 38 Antitank Gun
    1x Puma
    1x BMW P75
    1x Luftwaffe Infantrymen
    1x STUG III Ausf. D
    1x SS Stormtroopers
    1X Jagdpanzer IV/48
    1X Panzer II [F] Flamingo
    3X Panzergrenadiers
    1X Panzer III
    1X Nashorn
    5X SS Panzergrenadiers
    2X SIG 33
    2X SS Haupsturmfuhrer
    2X Jagdpanther
    3x Mauser Kar98
    3X Panzerfaust 30
    2X MG42
    2x SD KFZ 222
    3x light Mortar
    3x panzer IV
    2x SD Kfz 251


    2x Type 97 Te-Ke Tankette
    4x Type 89 Mortar
    1x Type 95 Ha-Go
    1X Imperial Sniper
    4x Arisaka Rifle
    2x Imperial Sargeant
    3x Type 92 Machine Gun Team
    4x 47 mm Type 1 Antitank Gun


    3x Fucile Modello
    2x Blackshirts
    1x Carro Armato
    1x Stalwart lieutenant


    1x Bohler Antitank Gun

    Soviet Union

    2x Red Army Forward Observer
    2x Communist Partisans
    1x Cossack Cavalrymen
    1x Katyusha Rocket launcher
    3x Commisar
    1x T-34/76
    2x Fanatical Sniper
    1x Cossack Captain
    1x PTRD 41 Antitank Rifle
    5x Mosin Nagant
    1x PPSH
    1x T-70


    2x 7PTDW


    2x Kuomintang riflemen


    3x MAS Rifle
    1x Lebel Grenadier

    United Kingdom

    1x Gurkha Riflemen
    1x Bofors L60
    1x Crusader II
    3x M3 Stuart
    4X 6 Punder Anti Tank Gun
    2x Archer
    4x Smle No. 4 Rifle
    2x Inspiring Lieutenant
    3x Vicker Machine Gun Team
    3x Humber Scout Car
    4x Royal Engineers

    United States

    2x M3 Lee
    1x Quad 50
    1x Screaming Eagle Paratroopers
    3x M1 Garand Rifle
    4x Red Devil Captain
    4X Flamethrower
    4X Bazooka
    2X Sherman
    3X Mortar M2
    3X Jeep
    2X Hellcat
    1X Sherman Easy Eight

    Thanks In advance.
    I look forward to your suggestions and sorry about the lenght of the post


    1x Pz IV G (I Assume this is the Panzer IV you mean)
    1x StuG III D
    1x SS-Haupsturmfurher
    5x SS-Panzergrenadier
    1x Panzerfaust
    1x MG-42
    1x BMW R-75
    1x Mauser

    The Panzer IV G isn’t an ideal choice, but with what you have it’s decent enough. Having 5 SS-PGs helps. I’d recommend either getting some of the smaller German vehicles (Hetzer or Elite Panzer IV D), or a larger one (Tiger, etc).

    1x T-34/76
    1x T-70
    1x Katyusha
    1x Cossack Captain
    1x Commisar
    2x Fanatical Sniper
    2x Communist Partisan
    4x Mosin-Nagant

    A bit light on AT units, you’d have to be careful using this one. The Katyusha is a one shot wonder so make sure the shot counts (though keep it in cover if you can… just in case). Use the Partisans to tie up units for the Katyusha to salvo on. The Snipers are good against the popular SS-PGs, but can also double as AA. The Mosins have a close assault 8, which threatens most vehicles - keep marching them towards the objective and try not to sac them unnecessarily to the commisar.

    2x M4A1 Sherman
    1x Humber Scout Car
    2x Flamethrower
    2x Jeep
    1x Red Devil Captain
    1x Screaming Eagle Paratrooper
    2x M1 Garand Rifle
    2x MAS Rifle

    The Flamethrowers should begin on the Jeeps so they can zip up and torch whatever needs torching.  Once the Jeeps have unloaded they can race back to transport your other soldiers up.  The SE PT can land on the objective right away, or try to take out rear enemy support units. There’s a decent amount of AI dice to give reasonable protection from aircraft.

  • Thanks, i’ll have to try those out.

    By the Way, I neglected to mention that I also have 1 Wermacht Oberleutnant.
    I don’t know if that will change anything, but Its worth bringing up

  • I’ve used the ober.  He is pretty good +2 on Inish.  and has 11 close assult the 13 cost is pricey .  but you get a AT unit + command abilities not to metion the Agriff so he could come in handy.  If your just starting out and playing 100pts this may not be the ideal choice 2 SS PZ Gren (10pts) are better with a Haupman furher (7pts)  13 pts 1 unit compared to 17 pts 3 units

  • I’ve found the Oberleutnant isn’t as great in 100 point games unless you specifically build the force around him. 13 points on one infantry unit can be risky as the Axis don’t have the transports (tanks especially) that the Allies do.

  • I’m a new player.
    I’d build a Soviet army and I’m reading many articles on th web.
    Can you advice me?
    I’d want to have a swarm-army…is it a competitive solution?

  • For example:

    1 x Commisar
    2 x Mosin-Nagant 1891/30
    1 x Cossak Captain
    2 x Fanatical Sniper
    2 x PPsh-41 Submachine Gun
    2 x Cossack Cavalryman
    2 x Soviet Grenadiers
    1 x Su-85
    2 x Hero of the Soviet Union

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