Building stadards for higher point games

  • I’m thinking of doing a 300-400 point game.  I have seen some folks with 300 point games at 20 units a piece.  I would like to know if that is the norm.  My opponent thinks it should me 15 every 100.  Which does not seem right but I have no argument since a standard 100 point game is 15.  I know this will be a challange for axis player .  I was leaning toward 20 to 22.  Any thoughts would be welome.

    I had suggested 300 points 20 - 22 units 1944 1 hero limit 25-30 point reinforcements (Unreasonable ?)  What would be fair?

  • 10 Units +5 per 100 points it usually a reasonable number; 15 per 100 is not.

    Reinforcements can be whatever you want, just consider what all someone could get with those points and if you think it’s reasonable for the scale of battle you’re doing. How much of an impact do you want those units to have?  (If you wanted the battle to be a little more historical the starting force would actually be the smaller one and made of recon units, with the main force coming later.)

    So if you’re using 300 points / 30 points of reinforcement, I can get a PzIV G, or 6 SS-PGs, or a Sherman +9 points of soldiers, etc etc. It won’t likely be a huge difference in the battle but could be welcome aid. Reinforcments equal to 10% of your starting force doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

  • Thanks Leiter:

    That makes sense to me.  If it was any more units would it be an advantage to the Allies?  Or am I imagining things.

  • It could be an advantage to either side.

    4x SS-Haupsturmfurher
    3x Imperial Sergeant
    16x SS-Panzergrenadier
    4x Panzerfaust
    6x Wehrmacht Sniper
    4x PAK 40
    2x Mauser

    Just think of how long and hard it would be to kill all them (assuming you even could). The Allies can do the same thing with Partisans and Paratroopers, or Commissars, support weapons, and chinese infantry. This is why my play group always uses historical formations; so you don’t get lopsided battles.

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