• so the US hero that has the ability “improvise” (i think) that allows you to use the numbers off of a vehicle destroyed in his hex

    i attack 2nd mind you this turn… movement he moves into my hex with a tank.

    assault phase… he shoots @ hero and doesnt disrupt or anything.

    i have a tank in his back arc and blow up his tank. doubled defense = destroyed counter. there is a 2nd tank in LOS of the hero hex that i would like to kill…

    1. does my hero get to use the tank value in the current turn to shoot at 2nd tank or is it not considered a destroyed tank til the casualy phase?? (again mind you i am going 2nd his assault phase is over)

    2. will he keep those values the rest of the game or until he moves to a new hex, or is it a 1 turn ability?


  • He’s not destroyed until the casualty phase.  As long as you stay put you can keep blasting away with the destroyed tank.

  • When you say keep blasting away.  Do you mean even though the tank is destroyed it stays on the board?  I thought all desroyed counted come off on the casualty phase.  The reason I’m asking this is I don’t play with U.S. that much and this question has never been answered.

    Axis fan

  • He means that the US Hero can keep using the destroyed tank’s attack values turn after turn, until he leaves the hex.

    The tank is destroyed and can be removed from play (though I suppose you can get cute and lay it on it’s side with the US Hero on top just for the visual effect and as a reminder what vehicle stats to use :-D)

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