• OK - can someone PLEASE tell me how the hits stack up on units…

    2 units attack a vehicle with a defence of 5.

    1st unit gets 4 successes (rolls 4’s 5’s and 6’s) - does not beat defence so no hit.

    2nd unit rolls 1 success - is the unit now disrupted…?

    3rd unit rolls 3 successes - is the attacked unit now damaged?

    OR does each attacking unit need to beat the defence of 5 to gain hits…

    -Please help./

  • I mean 3 units attack a vehicle with a defence of 5…

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Each attack at the opposing unit must beat the defense.

  • soo can’t stack the damage with more then one unit attacking the same target?

    each unit has too beat the defence too do damage lol that changes everything if i’m reading it right

  • No shit! - makes tanks truley TANKS!

    • But - If a tank is already disrupted and damaged - it only needs 1 more HIT to destroy it right… - so an attacking unit needs only to match their depleted defence to destroy it…?

  • It sounds like you may be confused between the meaning of hits vs. successes.  A unit only deals out a “hit” if it rolls enough successes to at least match the defender’s defense value.  If, in the course of one single phase, a unit receives enough hits, it will be destroyed.  Vehicles can take three hits, while soldiers can only take two.  The way attack rolls match up is shown below:


    Successful attack dice = defense value –-> Disrupted
    Successful attack dice = 1 more than defense value —> Damaged
    Successful attack dice = 2 X defense value —> Destroyed


    Successful attack dice = defense value –-> Disrupted
    Successful attack dice = defense value + 1 or more —> Destroyed

    Of course, if a unit succeeds at a cover roll, it can only receive disrupted counters, nothing more.

  • I’m going to further this thread with an additional question:  This is based off of a FAQ question and since I’ve only played one game last night I want to be sure.

    <quote>Q: The rulebook says that the worst that can happen to my unit if I make my cover roll is disruption. Does this mean that as long as I succeed at my cover rolls my attacked unit can’t be damaged or destroyed, or does the disruption count as a hit? For example, I have a Sherman in a forest hex that is hit three times by three different units. I succeed at each cover roll. Does the Sherman receive a face-down Disrupted counter, or face-down Disrupted, Damaged, and Destroyed counters?

    A: If you succeed on a cover roll on an attack, then that attack is limited to disruption. If the attacked unit already has a face-down Disrupted counter from a previous attack, then a successful cover roll prevents any more counters from being placed on the unit. In the example, the Sherman would receive one face-down Disrupted counter.</quote>

    My question is a variation of that one.  If a unit has a face up disruption counter and he is attacked and it at least ties his defense, and then if the cover roll succeeds does he not get anything or he gets a damaged counter because he was already disrupted.

    If that’s the case the cover roll doesn’t really do any good does it?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    When determining hits, do not include face up counters. You still need 1 hit for disrupt, 2 hits for damage/destroyed, 3 hits for destroyed.

  • That help but Let me ask another.  So if one round you get a face up disrupted and damaged counter on your tank and then the next round could you really get another damage counter and not have your tank blow up?

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    No, if you get a second damaged counter, your vehicle is destroyed.

    Turn 1: 2 hits, face down disrupted and damaged counter; at the end flip them up
    Turn 2: 1 hit, face down disrupted counter; at the end remove face up counters, flip up face down counters
    Turn 3: 2 hits, face down disrupted and destroyed counter (because you are already damaged once); at the end remove the vehicle.

  • The trick is to remember that the face-up Disrupted counters go away between rounds. I’ve had several times where one of my units ends up staying disrupted for five turns in a row  because it kept getting fresh disrupted counters every turn but never got damaged. (Yes I got lucky and made a lot of cover rolls.)

  • More rules help questions from a differnet newbie:


    Each attack at the opposing unit must beat the defense.

    Does this mean that each attack is set up completely seperately?  Is there no way to combine fire against one opponent?

    Rules clarification time for me in this made up scenario:

    Lets say my opponent has an M26 Pershing tank with armor 7/6 and Superior Armor 2.

    I have a Messerschmitt Me 110 w/ an attack on vehicles of 5 at short range and 4 at medium range;
    three Mauser Kar 98ks with attacks of 2 at short range and one SS Stormstrooper with an attack of 8 since he is at 0 range;
    and one Pak 38 artillery piece with attacks of 11/9/7 respectively.

    How can I attack the tank?

    Is the plane completely useless?  The best he could do in his phase is 5 sucssess, but that won’t do anything on it’s own.  Are the three Kar 98ks inefective as well, since they could individually only have 2 sucssess?  Even the Stormtrooper at his best could only disrupt the tank with 7 or 8 sucssess.  And the Pak 38 would have to have a tremendous shot even at close range just to touch the Pershing.

    Is this correct?

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