I've been doing some maths today

  • and found out that 360 IPC’s is worth:
    45 submarines and transports
    15 battleships
    20 aircraft carriers
    30 fighters and destroyers
    24 bombers and factories
    90 artillery pieces
    72 tanks and anti-aircraft guns
    120 infantry

    😄 i think 360 is the only number* that is able to describe all units in numbers without decimals. Might be useful when calculating something 😄

    *: offcourse it is also possible to do 2 times 360 etc. Because you would just double the numbers but 360 is the lowest and therefore most easy to use number.

    [ This Message was edited by: greensleeves on 2001-12-08 17:12 ]

  • Infantry win again…

  • I just want the battleships, just to have them. 😃 In fact, give them to russia! Never seen russia buy a bb other than a joke, this would just be funny 😃

  • umm, I hate to say it, but I think you could devide all your numbers by 3… I didn’t double check, but that still gives you a mother load of Infantry… esp. under the World at War rules (2 ipc for many nations)

  • Never mind… 20/3 is NOT a round number… ignore me

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