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Unit Scale

  • 2019 Moderator

    I am trying to understand the scale of units in terms of on board representation.  When I got my first pack I was expecting something similar to Squad Leader.  I was surprised that whole towns fit into single hexes.   In SL single buildings often covered multiple hexes. Â

    What I am trying to figure out is what does say a K98 soldier represent? A team? A squad?  How about a singleTank?

  • Aircraft and Vehicles are supposed to represent a single unit, while officially soldiers represent “several men,” which of course leads it wide open to interpretation.

    My view is that for regular infantry it represents a Half-Squad or Fire Team. For support units such as the Bazooka, Panzerfaust, etc, it represents roughly two teams. Commanders are the commander plus staff, which could be largely non-combatant such as with the SS-Hauptsturmfurher or a command squad using more regular soldiers such as the Red Devil Captain.

    I’m also fairly sure that artillery pieces such as the Anti-Tank Guns represent one unit. As for the Light Mortars it’s likely a battery of them, though the Japanese one seems more equivalent to a full squad (which is actually how the Japanese fielded them in Rifle Companies).

  • 2019 Moderator

    Thanks that helps, I still think that the Maps are out of scale though.  It seems od that a small town can be controled by a single tank.

  • Can’t say I disagree.

    There’s other things that don’t make sense either; such as the Sd Kfz 251 having the same capacity as the '250 or a Jeep. Overall though the basic guidelines work.

  • 2019 Moderator

    Well, I think my group is going to modify the stacking limits spesificly for the purpose of getting two Inf into a halftrack.  I think we will go with 3units per side one vehicle max.  It might get crowded, if it does I’ll make a map with bigger hexes.

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