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Which unit needs recosting (or stat alteration) the most?

  • I think the SS-Panther needs a revision the most. It’s 14 points more than the Panther D, and the only difference between the two is that the SS version can move while disrupted. Not worth 14 points for that, in my opinion.

  • Agreed, the Rhino has Veteran Crew and Bushcutter for 5 pts over the plan Shemran (so 23.8% more than the base).

    The SS version of the Panther comes in at 40% more right now.

    And Vet Crew is better than SS-Determination (and how many points in Bushcutter worth in the equation).  So figure 1/2 the shermna increase is Vet Crew and half is for BC.

    So at half of the 23.8% you come up with an SS-Pather at 39 points instead of 49.

  • I just learned from M2A0 over on the official forums that the SS-Panther G is officially being recosted at 42 points!

  • Still too expensive, but better than nothing!

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