• quick question on fighters and carriers:
    for a fighter landing on a carrier, does it cost a movement point to move into the carrier’s sea zone and another movement point to land on the carrier? Or is it considered the same movement?

  • It doesnt cost any extra movement points to land on a carrier, its as if you were able to land on a sea zone.

    For example, you could fly from a carrier in the East Indies, attack India, and land back ont he carrier.

  • No, it is not a movement point to go from SZ to the carrier in that SZ.

  • Nor does it count as a move to “take off” from a carrier to the occupied sea zone.  If the ftr is on a carrier, it can move 3 spaces maximum from the carrier, if it intends to land on the same carrier.  The carrier must then move 2 spaces toward the ftr in the non-combat move, while the ftr returns 1 space to land.  (It’s a lot easier to understand looking at the board.)

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