• I’m trying to create a modern variation being set just before the 2010. i got this idea from Rune Blade  on http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/19070. I wanted a way to play it on a regular axis and allies board. First I found the true values of all the territories by adding the GDP(purchasing power parity) of all the countries in that territory and dividing it by 60,710,000,000,000 (world’s GDP). I finally mutlpied it by 166. there is 166 terrotories on the map so X100 instead of X166 would give the percentage.  however it is impossible to not have South Korea as Japanese owned. here are the terrotories under the powers of what would be WW III. a couple territories had to be changed for balance(france and spain). Afghanistan, the himalayes, and the Sahara can only be passed over by planes. Switzerled and Mongolia are completly neutral

    (3rd to go) US:56  all of the A&A america except for in asia and the west indies, peru, agrentina,israel(trans jordan),and india are in american control
    Eastern US-13
    India- 12
    Western US- 10
    Central US-7
    Peru- 1

    (Last)Europe: 34; all of the following plus mozambique,angola,tanzania, sweden, and new zealand.
    South Africa-2
    Eastern Canada-2
    Western Canada-1
    West Africa-1

    (1st)Japan:  19; all of A&A japan minus main land asia, new guinea, borneo, and the east indies.
    Philippines-4 (the allies from mainland asia all migrated here with thier economy, thailand for example)
    South Korea-3

  • AXIS
    (4th)Russia: 35 all of russia,today china, indochina, and from europe the ukraine, eastern europe, west russia, and belorussia.
    Buryatia S.S.R.-1
    Sinkiang -1
    St. Petersburg-1
    Eastern Europe-1

    (2nd) Persia: 22 all the  following plus venezula, somalia, libya, french africa, and the east indies. all of the middle east ipc was raised from barley one to 2, even israel.
    Western Europe- 8
    Spain- 3
    Saudi Arabia-2
    East Timor-2
    West Indies-1

  • For nuclear weapons if it struck a territory the economy would fail not producing IPCs, with any factory there destroyed.  Half the infantry die from nuclear fallout with 1 infantry being lost from each boardin territory per nuclear missile.  This space can’t be occupied by land units.  When a factory is built there all this is undone. I’m not sure about cost but they can move like this,Medium-4, Short 1, Long-7.  Antiaircraft guns and fighters can defend against any nuclear missile that go’s though the territory.  Fighters can only defend for one round while Antiaircraft guns still work the same. heres where the nukes would be
    Russia: 19 long,1 med
    Kazakh: 4 long
    Caucuses: 4 long
    Manchuria: 2 long 1 med
    Moscow: 2 long
    Buryatia: 2 long
    Soviet far east: 2 long
    St. Petersburg: 1 long
    Sinkiang: 1 long
    China: 1 long

    USA: 11 long,1 medium 3 short
    Eastern US: 3 long
    Centreal US:3 long
    Western US: 3 long
    Alaska 2 long
    India: 1 med, 1 short
    Israel: 2 short

    Persia: 3 long, 1 med, 1 short
    France: 3 long
    Persia: 1 med, 1 short

    Japan 3 med

    UK: 2 long

  • for the setup here is where the battleships and aircraft carriers will go. but how would find how to find the number of tanks and artillery in the world.
    http://www.speedyshare.com/329944842.html i

  • for transports this is the actually number thoughout the world. how many units should a transport represent. for infantry there is a 1:1,000,000 ratio, but i pretty sure all the worlds transports could carry one infantry unit.  i got this ratio because it leaves 10 units in Indochina without chinease help. the most transports are in Sz60 at 54 with 1 transport in Russia being the least.

    http://www.speedyshare.com/329944842.html i

  • here are where the subs and destroyers will go.

  • Cool variation, but so much of modern war is decided with words 😢
    you should add some diplomacy element into it.

  • you ar right about the diplomac being a large part in modern war. yes but you are already desinated sides so what negotionating could you do with the other side. i guess the only thing you could do is talk and plan with your allies for like 5 minutes

  • Why should you have locked alliances
    Make it a free for all game.

  • for free-for-all you would need goals/missions
    otherwise snowballing destroys any game

  • you don’t have to have locked alliances but every one will most likely gang up on Persia. also unless japn is allied with russia it is going to have to be allied with the US.

  • you’r right about the goals i never said anything about victory cities before. all the Anti aircraft guns are in victory cities
    USA:eastern and western us and india
    JApan: Japan and soth korea
    Europe:the uk and germany
    russia: moscow,kwantang,manchuria and karelia
    persia: persia,egypt and saudi arabia

  • i have figured out what the tank values would be by using wikipedia.org except for one thing. how many tanks are now in iraq(us owned) it should be the M1 Abrams.

  • I am not a fan of variation in tank combat values unless massively justified.
    Many tanks are capable of being refitted with equipment and armour depending on combat situation.

    Also if you make significant variation in combat values you should have variation in purhcase cost (where appropriate) too.

  • @tekkyy:

    I am not a fan of variation in tank combat values unless massively justified.
    Many tanks are capable of being refitted with equipment and armour depending on combat situation.

    Also if you make significant variation in combat values you should have variation in purges cost (where appropriate) too.

    one tank unit is 500 tanks. that is because of the us having 7,500 main battle tanks. that is 15 tanks spread thought Israel, eastern us and western us. i did not count any tanks except for main battle tanks.i sorta have to guess on north Korea (could not find  much informantion on production) but everything in this games is clumped in small pockets with much wasteland between them. also i had to make the infantry value ridiculously high because of Vietnam and Iran. the value should change but i don’t no how much. also transports are problem because of the number.  here is a quote from myself for transports this is the actually number thoughout the world.

    for transports this is the actually number thoughout the world. how many units should a transport represent. for infantry there is a 1:1,000,000 ratio, but i pretty sure all the worlds transports could carry one infantry unit.

    if you think i should include another type of tank please tell me and I’ll add it.the cost of nuclear weapons is a problem i haven’t really to look up on yet.I’ll try to address all this problems when i make the price changes after i fin out where all the units go. in order to dothis i must find the number of aircraft and artillery in the world i have no clue on what kinds to look for so i would be very gratefull if you had a any ideas

  • no need for other tanks
    today we only have MBT in significant numbers

  • i have finally finished tanks, one tank unit is 3000 tanks. i added an extra tank to South Africa so no there is not 1600 tanks in south Africa to round up. other than that this they are only the main battle tanks.  i almost finshed the the aircraft(all of the bombers most of the fighters.)either tomorrow or Thursday aircraft will be all done. but that still leaves artillery. what type of artillery should i count? after i finish artillery i am going to organize all the information and put it excel. how do you post word and excel documents? one last thing afterwords i’m i allowed to get rid of repetitive info in my posts like how i listed everthing but now i am going to list it in documents?
    it has begun the deletion of  the lists
    http://www.speedyshare.com/329944842.html i

  • people just use a free file hosting
    and post links


    no registeration required

  • thanks tekkyy i used speedyshare.com here is everything in charts http://www.speedyshare.com/329944842.html i finshe the airdraft a * means the number of fighters in the sea zone. both onebomer and fighter unit  is about 300 fightesr or bomberes.  counted fighter bombers as a 1/3 of a bomber. that  is why europe has a bomber.

  • do you think this is a good idea? evcery nation has a reserve of gold aand oney right. well i think the counrties should be able to use it here is the extra ipc each nation would get in the beginig of the game based on their reserves.

    Japan: 4
    Iran: 1 or 2
    Us: 1 (even with india its a spender not a saver)
    Russia: 3 or 4
    Europe: 1 or 2

  • thats interesting and adds economic strategy to gameplay

    not sure you want too much of that in Axis and Allies
    which to me is about military
    depends on your tastes I guess

  • i don’t see how adding a few extr ipcs is get too economical but i agree with the comment you made tekkyy about how important economy should be. it is just easier to measure the economic asepct than the military. but i am currently doing the national advantages now and need to know the success rate of suce bombers in iraq. the reason is for persia with mordern kamiaze that can send one inf and roll a die to try to kill it even if it is paratropped. there is going to about four national advantges for each country i finshed the us’. i was lazy so i sorta copyed and pasted some of the rules.
    1.) Heavy Bombers(http://axisandallies.metalsaber.com/freemaps/GulfWar/GulfWar.aspx)
    US bombers were able to deliver huge payloads to their intended targets.
    Bombers attack with 2 dice at 4 or less even on strategic bombing runs.

    2.) Long-Range Aircraft(http://axisandallies.metalsaber.com/freemaps/GulfWar/GulfWar.aspx)
    Employing the latest technology, the United States’ airforce could reach further than any other nation’s
    Fighters travel 6 spaces.  Bombers travel 8 spaces.

    3.) Advanced Infantry(orginal)
    the United States with the largest economy allows it to have the most advanced weaponry available. Your infantry attack on a 2 in the first cycle of all combat. Even if supported by artillery, their attack remains 2.

    4.) Stealth Fighters (http://axisandallies.metalsaber.com/freemaps/GulfWar/GulfWar.aspx)
    With its ability to hide from enemy radar, stealth fighters could easily hit their targets while avoiding aa fire.
    Stealth fighters are immune to AA fire. They hit at a 4 in attack and defense.

  • is that your website?

    I didn’t realise you were so hardcore like Imperioius Leader  8-)

    this is Imperious’s website


  • no tha is not my website that is just the web i useed for my information. i just wanted to cite my souces. actually the real owner is a memeber hear,rune blade. i don’t even know what a cookie does let alone how to run a website. 🙂

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