How can I tell what version A&A I have?

  • 2007 AAR League

    I’ve become addicted to A&A and came here to learn more.  However, it seems that everyone is talking about different versions of the game.  My version says Axis & Allies on the box and uses the 5 major powers.  THere are no cars or trains, and countries start off with the following IPC’s:

    Japan- 30
    UK- 30
    Russia- pretty sure it’s 24
    USA- 42
    Germany - don’t remember, I think 36 or 42

    Please help!  I’d like to find discussions about this version if possible.  This game was purchased late in 2005 from a retailer.

  • 2007 AAR League

    seems to me you have the Axis & Allies Revised

    Germany should be starting at 40 to confirm that.
    because you already had the other 4 countries right, and revised has only been out since 2004 I believe.

    most of us online here are playing Axis and Allies Revised in the games forums

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    To tell you the truth the only AaA game that includes vehicles is Axis and Allies: Battle of the Bulge, and that has not been released yet… And I know that you will find any info you need, just check out the AaA Revised board below this one…

    Happy Gaming,

  • Look at your board.  You see Russia/Mosow.  Look northwest of there.

    If you see “Karelia” touching “Russia”, you have the Classic version.

    If you do NOT see “Karelia” touching “Russia”, but see something called “Archangel” in between, you have the Revised version.

  • OK, only 2 version have the entire world on the map:  “Classic”, which is usually second edition, but also includes the rather rare 1st edition, and the Hasbor CD-Rom game (also called 3rd edition) and “Revised”

    If you game includes the units Artillery and Destroyers, you have Revised.
    If your game says “Milton Bradley” on the box, you have Classic
    If the starting income is:  R 24;  G  32;  UK 30;  J 25; USA 36 you ahve Classic
    If startign income is R 24; G40; UK 30; J30; USA 42 you have Revised

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