Question on 2 rule technicalities

  • 1.  If Axis units are destroyed while entering a territory, did they count for the 8 unit limit?

    EXAMPLE:  In a disputed territory, the Axis have 5 units remaining during their move phase.  They attempt to move 3 in, but 2 are killed by patrolling fighters.  Are they unable to get more than the 5 + 1 units in that territory for that turn?

    I have ruled it as they wouldn’t be able to get more units in, as I believe the Axis units are first in the territory (bringing the limit to 8 ) THEN gets fired upon.

    2.  The rulebook seems to define control of a territory as a side exclusively having units in a territory.  How does this apply to the victory conditions?  If the Allies take control of the VCs during one turn, and during the Axis turn they move units into St. Lo and one  axis unit is still alive at the end, do the Allies no longer control it?

    Also, it says the Allies must control the cities for a FULL turn.  Does that mean to say that if the Axis move units into the city at any time during the turn, even if they die the victory conditions are not reached, as for a moment Axis units were within the city and the Allies did not control it?

    Or by a full turn, does that just mean the Allies have to control the city at the beginning and end of the turn?  Or just the beginning?

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    According to the FAQ from Avalon Hill you must declare your moves before the units are strafed and the move must be legal assuming no loses to strafing.

    We have always played that the city has to be clear of the Axis at the begining and end of the turn. Moving a unit in during the turn doesn’t change control. Control is in step five of combat. The Axis move is after the Allies move. The Axis would move into the Allied controlled city. Combat would occur and if there are no Axis units left control would stay with the Allies. That isn’t in the FAQ.

    Hope that helps.

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