• I was considering the possibility of abandoning Karelia on R1 against a strong PE bid, and I was wondering how effective that might be.

    It would for me probably center on the ability to choose between SBR and giving the territory to Germany for free. If on G1, Germany can both attack the territory with an infantry AND conduct an SBR on it, the idea is probably not worth it. But I was trying to remember and I couldn’t remember what the rules were for such a situation. Can you conduct an SBR on a territory and attack it at the same time? I looked up the 2nd edition rules and I didn’t see anything that seemed to indicate one way or another. Personally I think you should have to decide between the two options, but I didn’t see anything preventing the possibility in the rules. I looked it up in the DAAK 2nd edition rules clarifications where I usually go for unclear or ambiguous rules, but I didn’t see any mention of it there either.

    Can anyone here give me a definitive answer as to what the 2nd edition rules are for this situation, preferrably with their source to back it up? If the rules are indeed ambiguous, are there club precedents or rulesets that cover this?

  • Yes you can conduct an sbr and a conventional attack on a territory on the same turn. In my rules clarification manual under the heading of miscellaneous it states " You can attack the same territory with bombers making both a strategic bombing raid and a normal air strike. You cannot, however, use the same bombers to do both attacks! Of course, you would conduct the strategic bombing raid first."

  • I concur with Maddog on this.

  • Thanks for the quick response. I had never had occasion to desire to do that before, although I think I’ve come close a few times.

  • If IC’s were limited, then abandoning Karelia may indeed be a viable strat (especially if SBR’s were limitted to IPC value of the territory as well).

    But, without IC restrictions, the only difference between Russia standing her ground in Karelia and standing her ground in Moscow is that… if they fail in Karelia they have ONE MORE SHOT at holding against Germany, with a UK and possibly a US counter-attack in Karelia to protect them in the interim.

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