Declarations of War on an Alliance

  • How do declarations of war on a faction of your alliance work? If Japan declares war on France while France is aligned with Britain, does that mean Japan also is declaring war on Britain? Since both are on the allies and not neutral anymore?

  • @mike141500 you just need to read the national reference sheets it’s all on there but it’s different for each team

  • @mike141500 Usually it ends up giving the allied power some more income increases. For the Axis, nothing happens, and the Soviets are the only commie.

    UK and France are interesting, b/c if you attack one, the other goes to full income, but not war. You or them have to DOW. Germany can use that to remove the US’s bonus from Germany attacking the UK to force the UK to DOW them first.
    For the US, it gets bonuses from attacks on France or the Commonwealth, but never directly enters the war due to that attack, only by reaching full income due to a bonus from the attack.

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