• Do the kmt get a recruitment roll? The rules if im not mistaken do not mention that they do

  • No, they do not get recruitment rolls. If an outside power (like Japan or the USSR) declares war on the KMT/CCP/Warlords, then the KMT immediately gets all remaining Warlords to align with them. But they never get recruitment rolls.

    Note that the CCP gets to continue its recruitment rolls even after it evolves to a major power!

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    The continuation of recruitment rolls for CCP is a rule I enjoy so much. It hints to the later fears of Communism taking over the world with literally hordes of communists. As a major power CCP can attack outside of China. A true nightmare for the Allies and the Axis. We decided them to be able to run wild once they would become a major power, because the possibility of being wiped out by other factions especially at the start of the game is real. The stakes are always high. ✌

  • @hbg-gw-enthusiast
    Appreciate the clarification!

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