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    I’ve play tested this format and in the SF Bay Area we’re having a tournament this Saturday using this format:


    • 80 point armies

    • All units must have defense of 4 or less

    • No aircraft

    • No Elite Panver IV

    No Elite Panzer IV because it hits 90% at all ranges on armor 4, too crazy good for this format.

    This is a nice format because you get a chance to field some of those units that usually never see any action. You also need a good mix of infantry and armor because you can’t get enough anti-infantry armor to handle a swarm of infantry.


  • that looks very intersting. i will have to give it a try.  I never get the chance to field those crappy guys.  who would when you have ssPG and snlf fanatics.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Not sure if I understood the question. But I take it as “who would you field sinc eyou cannot use SS-Panzergrenadiers and SNLF Fanatics?”

    Your choices on for the Axis are a bit limited. I’ll followup more later.

  • yea ooops.  it was suppose to read.  “WHY would you when you have those other units”.  sorry for the confusion

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