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New Units in A&A Revised

  • I was wondering what others have done to add new units to A & A Revised? I was thinking of getting a copy of the Old A & A and using some of those pieces as new units. Maybe the Old Battleship as a Cruiser? Anyone have any experience in this area?

  • I bought 4 games. Painted the units and now got 2 complete sets so I don´t have to use the counterchips.

  • You nerd.

    Actually, I painted my pieces too… umm…  :oops:

    Use the old set- use the old Battleships as Heavy Cruisers (Scharnhorst anyone?). 18 IPCs, Attack 3, Defend 3, two hits to kill, bombard on a 1.

    The old set Fighters are also cool for carrier based aircraft- make your own variations for TDB planes.

    These are just some starters- get as creative as you want then playtest. You’ll usually know pretty quickly if you’ve tipped the balance too far in one direction, then you can tweak the rules.

  • 2007 AAR League

    there is a whole booklet called A&A enhanced realism rules.  The extra things are

    navy–-heavy cruiser- put a flag under a battleship to mark it, it attacks and defends on 3 bombardment 3  cost 18
            light cruiser - put a a flag under a destroyer to mark.  Att.2 Def.2 no bombardment          cost 12
            super carrier - put 2 flags under. holds 3 planes  Att. 0 def. 3      cost 20
            regular carrier - holds 2 planes att. 0 def. 2              cost 16
            escort carrier - put one flag under to mark. holds 1 plane.  att.0 def.1 cost 12
            the destroyers become worthless except for air attacks on subs and negating the sub first strike.  att.1 def.1 cost 6

    airforce— heavy bomber- put two flags under a bomber to mark.  att.5 def.1  cost 18 
                  air transport - put one flag to mark.  carries one inf. into battle.  battle movement is 2 in and 2 out.  must be in same space at
                  the beginning to work.  it can attack on the second cycle of rolls, att. 1 def. 1    cost 10
                  jet - one flag under a fighter to mark.  att. 4 def. 5        cost 15

    land units-- these are tricky to understand. 
                    -heavy inf.-- put one flag under a inf. to mark  att. 2 def. 3    they can be hit twice.  one to knock them down to regular             
                      guys and then once more to kill them.  for example i’m being attacked in a spot where i have 3 heavy inf.  the guy gets
                      four hits on me. i defend and roll my 3 dice hoping for 3’s  I can choose to take one out completely after i defend on a
                      3 for him.  thats two hits.  The other two infantry i can knock down to regular inf. then.  thats four hits total.  The
                      next cycle they defend as regular inf. and get killed in one hit.              cost 5

    heavy tank.  put a flag under a tank to mark.  att 4 def. 3  same rules apply as with heavy inf.  They can be hit twice.
                                            cost. 7

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