Cheat sheet?

  • Has anyone ever made up a cheat sheet for rules covering the basics for newbies? My son is having a few of his friends over this weekend to play and I thought something like this would be helpful.

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    @Locke888 When I first started playing G40, I created laminated cards for each power. One side features the initial setup (including unit cost, movement and attack/defense values), while the other has that power’s political situation, national objectives/bonus income and the overall order of play. I’d post them here for your use, but I can’t find the files. 😠

    I know others have done something similar - check in Customizations. To cover basics, such as the phases of each turn, etc., it’s easy enough to produce your own “cheat sheet” and make several copies for the players to share. I’d also recommend printing out a copy or two of the Europe/Pacific 1940 2nd ed. index I’ve created and attached below, as it will speed up searches when questions arise (as they always do).


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