1914 quick-mod

  • Hello folks, I’m continuing my trend of creating alternate scenario’s to make A&A games quicker for face to face play. This is in part personally driven because most of my local players feel many A&A variants are about an hour too long. I’m pecking at most variants, but today I settled a modification for 1914.

    1914 quick-mod
    -Summary: Removes ottomamns/africa and modifies turn order to encourage quicker game especially, with multiplayer. Estimated to shave 1-2 hours off a 1914 game while maintaining the core experience.

    -Balance was (attempted to be, play testing needed) maintained by examining the ratio of Axis/allied economy and TUV(Ground and sea), and maintaining those ratios fairly closely after mod. (See image at bottom)

    Mod rules
    -Mod is intended to be applied with the Official Tournament rules/setup as a base. (see http://www.harrisgamedesign.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=18335&sid=46c5a040ae6a0378950ae08747d6f942)
    -In addition, apply the following changes.
    -You may considor removing the “collapse/surrender” rules from the tournament setup, but I feel that defeats the purpose and I will be utilizing them still.
    Setup changes:

    -Remove units on from India and the continent of africa. Remove all ottoman units.
    -All ottoman, African, and middle eastern territories+India are not part of the game and so do not give IPCs to any powers

    Remove the following navies:
    Russians in SZ 71
    UK in SZ 19, 29

    Remove the following units
    Wales: 2 infantry
    London: 2 infantry
    Scotland: 1 infantry(empty)

    -You may wish to simply fold the bottom third of 1914 map board underneath as with the exception of the two russian territories it is unused.
    Summary of new starting IPCs by power:
    Summary of timed events(including changes)

    -UK gets bonus income of 2 multiplied by the turn number to a max of 10 IPCS(representing historical and typical standard game gains in africa/mideast and resources coming back to europe)
    -Tanks buildable beginning turn 3
    -US enters enters war and at beginning of turn 4


    Turn order changes(optional)

    To encourage again quicker play (particulary in team games with 4-5 players), use this portion for an “axis go, allied go” game, allowing alliance players to perform all actions at once.

    (In effect, every nation by russia is basically already doing this)

    Turn order will be a 3 step process:

    1)“special turn 0: Russia Only”
    -Russia alone performs a turn.
    2)- After this Russian turn, the turn order is now Axis powers.
    3)- followed by all allied powers(including russia).

    • All powers in an alliance build at same time, then perform there moves as a single turn, etc.
    • However…
    • To maintain balance in the combat phase, multinational attacks are still disallowed.
    • To resolve these combats, attackers will perform their attacks one country at a time, using the order from the unmodified rules
      (Allies: Russia followed by France,UK, Italy, US)
      (Axis: Austria followed by Germany.)



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