Balanced mode - Allied bid strategy

  • Until recently, it was only bided for the Axis. But now, in more and more games the Allies get a bid. Let`s see what the best bid option/s for them would be…

    I) UK & UK Pacific

    Definitely the best Allied nation to give bid to. The ideas are planty, but let`s focus on the best:

    1) A sub to Atlantic and/or the Mediterranean

    A submarine in the Mediterranean can help strike Italy in sz 97 stronger than usual, but a submarine in the Atlantic can help strike both Italy (sz 95 and sz 96) and Germany.

    2) Land unit/s to Alexandria and Egypt

    An infantry or artillery to Alexandria and mechanised infantry or tank to Egypt can help strike Tobruk more heavily.
    An aa gun in Alexandria or Egypt could be of use too.

    3) A fighter or tactical bomber

    The ideas are Scotland or Malta. One more fighter at Scotland helps in the defense of sz 109 and sz 111 on G1, and helps in the defense of UK against bombing on later German turns. Also it gives it`s share to the defense against Sea Lion.
    The Mediterranean fighter gives UK more options either attacking sea or land Axis units, either defending from them.

    4) A transport to Union of South Africa

    It helps to move to action the two infantry from Union of South Africa on UK1.

    5) An infantry to France

    If France bids an infantry there, together with it, it can mean a lot in the defense of Paris.

    6) A transport to India

    To take Sumatra and/or Celebes, then Iraq, Ethiopia or Italian Somaliland more heavily.

    7) A marine to India

    The same as in the bid above, just lighter.

    II) China

    1) An infantry for defense

    Best to put to Yunnan, then Hunan, then Chahar, and the least to Anhwe.

    2) An infantry and/or artillery for offense

    Best to put to Kweichow, Szechwan, Hopei and the least to Suiyuyan.

    3) A fighter
    Good to have one more for striking Japan more easily. Best to put is to Kweichow.

    III) France

    1) An infantry to France and/or Normandy Bordeaux

    It can help to aid in the defense against eminent G1 attack.

    2) A fighter to UK

    It can help UK early on on defense, and puts more options for some French attack against lonely Axis land or sea units.

    3) A sub to Madagascar

    A good escort to the destroyer, can soon be moved to the Shores of Indochina/Indonesia or Mediterranean.

    IV) Russia

    1) Land units to Eastern Europe border territories

    An infantry (or AA gun) to Baltic States/Eastern Poland/Bessarabia to prevent (or back off) an early G1 attack on the Eastern Front.

    2) Land units to Eastern Europe offside terittories

    An artillery to Novgorod/Belarus/Western Ukraine/Ukraine to counter an early G1 attack.
    An option is also a tank to Novgorod/Belarus/Western Ukraine/Ukraine/Archangel to aid in the counter attack.

    3) Land units for striking Japan

    A mechanised infantry and/or tank to Caucasus and Volgograd.
    An artillery or tank to Amur.


    1) A marine

    If put to Queensland or New Zealand it helps ANZAC to take both Java and Dutch New Guinea on rd 1, and to take both Sumatra and Celebes on rd 2.

    2) A transport

    The same as in the bid above, just taking those territories more heavily.

    3) A land unit to Egypt

    An ANZAC artillery or AA gun would be good to have there.

    VI) USA

    U do not bid with USA. It goes to war late, and does not need anything. If U must, bid a small IC to Alaska  8-)

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