What is the point of fighters in an IPC raid?

  • Maybe I’ve just been misunderstanding this concept the whole time, but I don’t understand using fighters in a SBR.


  • To take a hit for the bomber, to fire back at enemy fighters. These rules aren’t used in regular A&A revised though. You can’t use a fighter in strategic bombing using the normal rules.

  • And if the defender sends up no fighters….then what?


  • It depends on what rules you use. Like I said, under normal rules you can’t use fighters in an SBR.

  • that is only useful in the german front exspansion or japan expansion … (not a real rule pro on the expansion games) but i think it works like this…

    scrambling planes is a way for the defender, if they didn’t use thier planes during the combat phase, to try and defend thier industrial complex against Bombing raids… its a one round combat as i remember first the AA shots… then all the defending fighters roll at a 2 or less and all the attacking fighters roll at a one then the combat is over remove the casualties and proceed with the bombing… ahh still doesn’t apply to reviesd A&A unless you play with house rules and throw that one in cause … (can’t really think of a reason to use it)

    Anyway, they might be usefull if your playing with the Out of the box rules and your germany and you get the national advantage that allows you to Industrialy bomb your enemy with your fighters… then it kinda applys to why you would send your fighters on bombing raids… (sometimes when things are going bad I acctually think its a good idea, and proceed to hurt my opponents fist with my head.) but even if you get that National Advantage, never use it cause it cost you more in the long run that it will ever cost your opponent…

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