• So I’ve been running a few different opening battles through Skelly’s odds calculator in regards to the Global '42 scenario.

    Japan seems to be able to attack the India, Hawaii, and Solomon fleets on J1.  The fight off India (assuming a scramble) has the worst odds at 60% success rate, but if it works you look awesome.  You could also take a chance on the ANZAC cruiser at 50%.

    I wonder if anyone has tried taking Alexandria on G1.  It’s a very powerful move if you can pull it off. 
    The naval combat has a 50% chance.  If you do kill the cruiser and land, that beefs the land fight to 75%.  Flip a coin, anyone?
    The Battleship off Scotland can be saved easily with a destroyer as the bid and a plane from Leningrad.  I didn’t come up with it, I’m just saying.

    Italy all depends on the UKs battles, so no point in speculation there.

  • This is not the official G42 version then.

  • Official?  It’s the one that Grasshopper posted on this forum as the Larry Harris G42.  Link and all.

  • Japan cant take India round 1 in that version.

  • He’s talking about just killing the UK fleet in the SZ off India. A suboptimal move in my opinion, stretches Japan really thin and that fleet can’t really be aggressive against much without dying in return. It also makes your cleanup around the Solomons weak. Same with the attack on the Hawaiian SZ, there’s no point for Japan to be throwing its material forward in barely positive trades when Japan excels at keeping a large American fleet at bay when it can consolidate its fleet resources at the Philippines.

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